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The Lasagna Adventure

I've often heard opinions on what college kids do. Apparently, normal college students go out a lot, party as much as possible, and study when they can't avoid it. They slog through college with passing grades because school is boring. Sometimes, they don't even show up for class.

I don't really know how other college kids act. Maybe popular opinion is wrong (which often happens) or it's just a stereotype. But if that's the way things are supposed to be, no thanks. I don't want to get into it. I'd rather be different.

I'm just happy I've ended up with friends who choose to be different too.

Here we are!
(L to R: Joni, me, Henri, Arn, and Cookie)

With the boyfriends this time.
(L to R: Teof, Suy2, Cookie, Hen, Arn, and Joni)

We've been doing pretty well so far and thought of going on another escapade. Among other things, we've flown kites and gone to the beach. So what should we do next?

Cook lasagna!

Arn, our resident cook, invited us to taste her lasagna dish. Joni's house happens to be the nearest house to our university, so we drove over with ingredients yesterday afternoon.

Me and Arn

Arn's a very happy cook.

Anyway, we all helped out with turning meat, tomatoes, spices, and a baguette into lasagna and garlic bread. I've never cooked lasagna before (my cooking hardly involves the oven) so I found it really interesting. I especially liked the layering bit.

Pasta squares on the bottom first.

Meat sauce on top.

Creamy cheesy concoction on top of that.

Pasta squares again. Rinse and repeat.

I've always been obsessively interested with how raw food turns into something totally different when cooked. Learning about how the molecules change their behavior when cooked fascinates me. Maybe that led to my inclination in Chemical Engineering?

Back to the lasagna though. Joni has made sure I won't forget this step.

Don't forget to pile on the cheese!

So the lasagna went in the oven. Being highly improvisational, Arn and Cookie didn't bother to time the baking. There wasn't even a recipe.

"We'll just check it from time to time," they said. "The smell tells if it's done."

As long as it isn't burnt, it's fine by me.

And now the garlic bread...

Suy2 and Joni think they turned out good.

Henri almost stole a piece.

With the lasagna cooking and the kitchen clean, we decided to kill some time. In other words, let's play some Wii.

Hen, Teof, Kie, and Joni on the couch

We laughed a lot, and enjoyed the games. My left arm is a bit sore today though.

Teof attempts to defend himself after missing a shot.

The games came to an end with the lasagna perfectly baked. We had to eat after all.

It was delicious.

And so ends another adventure. Times like these remind me to be grateful for the things I have, and the people I care about. I'm glad God put people in my life who don't need to smoke, drink, or do risky things to have fun.

It's cool being different.

Daisy on 6/26/2008 11:30:00 AM