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I'M BACK (again)! I went off to Vietnam with my sister, my mom, and my aunt for four days. We saw the sights (including crawling in dark tunnels used by soldiers in the war), shopped until we almost dropped from exhaustion, and of course, enjoyed the food.

Yeah, the food was one intriguing factor in our trip. I mean, we do have Vietnamese cuisine to enjoy at home but it's just different when you eat Vietnamese food in Vietnam. Haha, am I making any sense? Suffice to say, the food fascinated me enough to take a few shots with my camera, and a food post was born...

We ate in restaurants with different sizes, atmosphere, and even architecture. From a large tropical gazebo with straw on the roof to a quaint romantic French-inspired place, the food was surprising. Or this is just possibly ignorance again.

First off were the spring rolls we got in the Liberty Restaurant at Ho Chi Minh City. Spring rolls, it sounded really safe. After all, there was a familiar Chinese dish with that name. It wasn't so easy, apparently. The rolls arrived with different fresh veggies like lettuce and beansprouts (which are all I remember), vermicelli, and rice paper. I wrapped up my first roll with determination. Yes, I was determined to make a mess by ruining the rice paper.

My second attempt was braver, and tasted much better. The sensation of chewing lettuce with sprouts, spicy sauce, meat, and vermicelli was foreign but... pretty good. That's all I can say about it, though, haha.

The same restaurant served us fish fillet with salt and pepper (yeah, I copied that off the menu card :D). Now, I normally hate fish fillet so when I say it was good, it WAS good. The fish was not dry (unlike what generally happens with fried fish fillet I eat at home), and the skin had just the right amount of crust in it without being soggy. I didn't even have to dunk it in sauce! I'm so abnormally happy about that; I just don't understand it.

I take my food seriously enough that it's funny.

But back to the food already, I know.

This was beef stirfried in ginger. And it tasted like pretty good beef stirfried in ginger, whoopee. No surprises there. Or maybe it's because I can make beef stirfried in ginger. Hm... It was a good picture though, so I just had to include it.

And yes, this was just one meal. Here we are standing in front of the restaurant.

And here we are not standing in front of the restaurant.

I'm going to have to break this food thing into a lot of posts. This is pretty long to read as it is.

Yes, it's over. The first meal, anyway. Did I mention we were pretty full? :)

Daisy on 5/11/2006 05:38:00 PM