This is me.
I'm bonding...

...with parents, I mean.

Not very often done by uni(versity) students, I hear.

Last night, my mother and I (and my sister who zipped past the TV occasionally while stealing grapes and using the bathroom) watched the first half of "North & South", a BBC adaptation of a really good book. She liked it. I liked it. We sat beside each other wrapped in our own blankets, and enjoying the show.

It's about love, and the whole master-worker-union deal with strikes and death... It's really good, one of my favorites. My dad might even like it (which is usually doubtful being the action man that he is) if he could sit still for four hours. :)

We're watching the second half tonight.

We slept about 1 am, then I got up to accompany my dad while he exercised. I woke him up at 6:30 and we headed to the golf course for a brisk walk past nine holes. We were dripping with sweat when we got back, and he played a round of badminton with my mother (while I cheered). We then had breakfast: me with my spam, fried egg, and delicious garlic rice, and dad with toasted bread, orange marmalade, and some of my spam.

*OK, so the food is prominently described, but bear with me. That's the way I am; I'm fixated.*

All in all, when you understand them... Parents are fun. ^_^ (I think I would have choked on those words a few years ago, but oh well... Being a teenager's weird...)

Daisy on 4/06/2006 10:12:00 AM