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Blue skies & dragon teachers
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The sky was a beautiful blue today, like out of a painting (as Cookie would say). It got me thinking of a quote about eagles and chickens. They say chickens are so cowardly because they're always looking at the ground, but eagles look up and so they fly. I guess when I look up at a sky like that, it feels like I can do anything.

It's really cool how God even bothered with making things beautiful and detailed when he made the universe. Like the sky, for instance.

Anyway, we had English class today (back to my old schedule before the midterms, boo hoo), and our teacher is a dragon. Well, that's actually what most of my classmates seem to think with her strict grading and decided opinions.

Henri and I talked to her today because I needed input on my schoolwork. And I have to say that she's not that bad. Maybe some other classmates will shoot me for saying that, but it's true. I mean, I could tell she cared about whether we learned anything in her class. Some teachers don't even care about that.

I'm not saying she isn't hard to please, but she might have valid reasons for acting the way she does. I guess it's just a reminder not to judge other people I may not like, and realize they're pretty human after all.

Daisy on 1/29/2007 11:04:00 PM

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Midterms, I mean. I've studied, prayed, and answered tests as best as I could. Though I don't know how good --- or bad --- the scores are going to be, but at least I don't have anything to regret about them.


Well, my friends felt the same way and we just had to celebrate somehow. So we ended up in a park close to the school after class. The sky was clear, the sun was shining, and there was a slight breeze. It was perfect for flying kites!

Let's go fly a kite...

We all had a lot of fun. We gorged on junk food. We went on seesaws, swings, and slides like little kids, and just got rid of all the stress we'd accumulated. We even played tag. :D

I think the pictures will speak louder than anything else I have to say, so here they are!

Henri seesaws

Cookie does too

Arn2 and her kite

everyone with the kite

I seem to be getting in the habit of letting the photos talk instead of me. I guess I can't help it if the camera does a better job of describing things.

I'm not totally home-free though; I still have some big tests coming up this week. But WOW, God really gave us a great way to take a break. Cookie and I were praying and praying for good weather, but the weather was just perfect! Hope I'll get the drive to study even harder next week.

Daisy on 1/26/2007 06:39:00 PM

Soap, school, and neurotic qualities
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Midterms are coming up this week, and I'm trying to shape up and do pretty well. This is why my blog is pretty much un-updated (is that a word?) as I slave over thick books and memorize long equations.

But we've done interesting things lately (which I figured I'd share with all of you so you'd all know I was still alive).

First, we made soap in school.

It's a really simple soap, like the storebought ones minus extra perks. Basically, it's oil and other chemicals mixed up and boiled until they stick and become soap. Then we pour it into a mold that shapes it like well, real soap.

I thought it was pretty cool.

We also did some stuff in my Physics Laboratory with electricity and circuits. Unfortunately, I don't understand most of what we're doing. Sad, really.

Studying a lot does not mean I have no life though. I do. I mean, look at what my cousins and I were doing today.

My hand was the bent one with the free black watch.

I can hear you laughing now. Go ahead. :D

I did have fun yesterday. My friends and I went out after a grueling exam. We ate lunch in a favorite fastfood place (with one of the best fried chicken recipes in my world!), and walked around a lot. There were no pictures because no one thought of taking them.

Oh yeah, Henri and I bought books. I never realized there was someone else in the world who was as neurotic about buying books as I am. Apparently, Henri is one of them.

We looked at all the books, and walked around carrying loads of them for more than an hour because we couldn't decide what we wanted to get. Normally, this makes other people angry and impatient ("Just pick one already!" "I'm leaving!"), but since we were both doing the same thing, it didn't bother us.

Henri started explaining about how she couldn't get a series of books in different editions (you know, some hardbound and some softbound) because it just didn't seem right. And I understood. LOL.

I think it's great how God made each of us unique and interesting (like when buying books). It just goes to show He's thought hard about how everyone's supposed to be like.

Daisy on 1/21/2007 03:53:00 PM

Partying & Looking Back On 2006
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I'm now enjoying my four-day holiday from school. I'm converting videos, watching movies, reading what I want to read for a change, and also studying like mad for when we get back. Teachers seem to have this idea that students have nothing to do when there's no class, so they dump academic baggage on them. But what should we expect, hmm? We're students, after all.

Sad, really.

Anyway, our department (you know, the Chemical Engineering one) had a party two days ago.

classmates huddling for a shot

We all had fun and laughed a lot. I was especially hungry since I hadn't eaten a real meal since about 10 hours before said party, and enjoyed the food immensely. OK, so I enjoy most food immensely. What can I say? I'm easily pleased.

Oh lookie at the photographer's hand!

This picture would have been better without the hand. Oh well.

This should have been a picture of all my batchmates with the teachers, but we weren't all at the party. Our batch is notorious for not attending any school activities unless we're brought kicking and screaming. Normally, my friends and I wouldn't even be at the party. Too lazy, maybe, or too cheap to pay party funds.

Yes, I admit I'm cheap.

Anyway, I got to thinking how I hadn't really capped 2006 in a blog post and figured that I should. So...


It wasn't an extremely happy year, but it was a growing year. I cried a lot, but I learned a lot: about family, friends, God, and even about myself. I learned how to cook, do accounting jobs, and make blog designs. I learned how important sleep is (primarily by getting so little of it), and I learned to procrastinate less. I learned that God can always be trusted with everything I've got (even if I couldn't understand what was happening). I learned that really knowing my lessons in school is more important than getting good grades, and that family is a wonderful thing even if it isn't perfect.

And tons of other stuff.

I was also really blessed. I visited Vietnam, Manila, Baguio, some northern Philippine provinces, and Singapore last year. I got closer with my family and friends. I met new family and new friends. I got Adobe Photoshop, LOL.

I just want to thank God for making the year worthwhile. I hope this year will be even better. From where I'm standing, it seems it will be.

Daisy on 1/13/2007 11:05:00 PM

The Day Without DE
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DE or Differential Equations is a class I have twice a week for an hour and a half each. It's grueling, and I study harder for it than most of my other classes with more units.

Today, I didn't have DE, because DE cut me. Seriously. I didn't cut class, but the class cut me.

I arrived five minutes early and sat around with friends waiting for the teacher to get in the room. The teacher eventually did, and we all got our stuff and started filing in. When we got to the door, it was... locked. We were all shocked. I mean, we were on time, and you're not supposed to lock out students until about 15 minutes has passed. Come to think of it, teachers never lock students out in college.

Evidently, the teacher was in a bad mood. Another teacher wanted to get a key from him for her classroom, but he wouldn't even open the door for her. So she cancelled her class, LOL.

And what did we do? We went for breakfast. :D

breakfast buddies

LOL. I mean, if we couldn't get in, we might as well have enjoyed ourselves, right? We just copied notes later.

Instead, we spent our precious time playing with eating our food. Cookie made up interesting pancakes.

fishy fishy

She ate it after the photo, by the way. We're not wasteful, just crazy.

All photos were taken by Henri who was on a photo spree.

Me & the photographer

Just giving credit where it's due. :)

Anyway, I figure God's telling me something with what happened today but I can't figure what it is yet. I still believe everything's happening for my good though because He's taking care of every step. This doesn't mean, of course, that I can cut corners. That would be like asking God to take care of my car and not locking it. I still have to do my best.

Like tomorrow. I have to pass lab papers I haven't finished to my satisfaction yet and I'm doomed.

So I'm going to do it. Bye, everyone!

Daisy on 1/09/2007 10:05:00 PM

Quote, design, etc.
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As you may have noticed, I've got a new blog design. I would have kept the old one for longer but it's just not Christmas anymore.

Anyway, another teacher didn't show up for class so I went home again. I'm trying to do some homework so I'll be free tonight. :D

So the Bible camp / conference? Hm, it was great. The topic was Experiencing God, and we all learned more about what it really means to follow Jesus. I particularly learned that I should stop looking at my insecurities and just fix my eyes on God.

By the way, I found a sad quote yesterday.
If all Christians acted like Christ, the whole world would be Christian. - Mahatma Gandhi
It's quite true, actually. I heard a story about how Mahatma Gandhi was attracted to the idea of Christianity. He went to a church, but was made to sit on the floor in front of the pulpit because he was poor. The rich, on the other hand, got the best seats. This turned him off since it meant there was still inequality in the church. And so he never became a Christian.

I know a few people who won't accept Christ because they act better than some Christians do. It would be cool if Christians acted their name. I hope I could act my name.

Daisy on 1/04/2007 09:18:00 AM

New post, new year
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Happy new year, everyone!

Now that I've got that off my chest, ehem... I found my card reader! I didn't clean my room though, just found the thingamajig when I moved my piles of papers from one side to the other.

And so this means I've got new pictures!

Well, OK, so I'm putting up just one picture. It's the last picture of the christmas season for my family actually. Now all my relatives are going back home.

Boo hoo. I'll miss them loads. Some of the fifty or so relatives of mine are still around though, and we're heading to my grandmother's house (as we have for about twenty nights of the past three weeks) again to milk out all the familial love we can.

Lots of things have happened: the new year, the great Bible camp / conference (pick your preferred terminology), and school starting today boooo!

But I have no time to talk about anything. I was just making an update so that well... there'd be an update.

I have a new blog design, by the way, but no time to put it up just yet.

I'm going back to school now, sigh. It's especially painful since my sister's classes still start this Monday. THIS MONDAY! I'm happy for my sister, and sad for the rest of us who get into this academic jail earlier.

Sometimes, I think I have an abnormally weird dislike for school, especially for a college student. I'm supposed to be more mature.

Ah well... I know school's important and all, but it occasionally seems like I've got better things to do.

Bye, everyone!

Daisy on 1/03/2007 09:41:00 AM