This is me.
Yes, I'm Alive

I just haven't posted lately because my internet connection's shot in the foot. Both my parents and our computer technician are out of town --- on different sides of the world, by the way --- so I haven't updated. I really needed to get on the Web for a project though (a 1 hour to 2 hour movie on about seventy pages of the life of the Philippine national hero due in two weeks), so I broke down and practically started camping in my uncle's house. Which is where I am now, enjoying the Wifi.

I'm pretty tired and so are my classmates. I keep running around borrowing suits and other props for the filming, and we're polishing the script as I type this out. I just thought it wouldn't be fair to leave blog readers hanging without nary a peep from me.

I will also take this time to thank my wonderful uncle and aunt for taking me in like a lost child and feeding me, clothing me --- would you believe I stained my clothes while I was in their house? --- and putting a roof (with Wifi) over my head. I keep showing up with my laptop and they've been so helpful that I'm almost ashamed. I'm even sleeping in their house tonight so I can have conferences over the internet with group mates tonight. Same goes for my other relatives whose suit jackets, tuxedo shirts, and other pieces of formal wear I've snagged for the project.

Oh, and my paternal grandmother who has allowed the group to bring chaos film in her home. And my maternal relatives for taking care of our dog, housesitting, etcetera, etcetera. Loads and loads of things, really.

Thank you, Family, for being there for me.

I have more homework to do so I have to leave. Now.

I'm sorry if I haven't had as entertaining (read: photo-laden) posts lately. I will try to make up for it next week.

Until then, this (un?)faithful correspondent will go back to filming in borrowed clothes.

Daisy on 12/04/2008 01:34:00 AM