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I Did Nothing & It Was Fun

I've been pretty stressed lately, and it's been coming out in various sicknesses (e.g. insomnia, cough, colds), lower grades --- it's hard to ace an exam with a fever and a migraine --- and a pretty large weight loss. I realized I had to learn to make time to relax if I wanted to enjoy life at my best. And get better grades for that matter.

So when my Mom suggested we go to a resort, it seemed the perfect way to get back on track.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Thank you, Mom.

I wasn't the only one who needed to rest either.

I'm so glad Dad's snoozing after replying to a truckload of emails.

Daphy (my sister) brought along her friend, Ian. He may show up on this blog occasionally so I thought I'd introduce him. Or let Daphy introduce him anyway.

Daphy: Hi, this is Ian and we're having lunch under a cool hut.

said cool hut behind a psychedelic boat

I did have to study, and ended up bringing my laptop. I worked pretty quickly at it though so I could practice a newly acquired hobby.

Which is the art of doing nothing.

I don't know what it is about a beach that makes you want to doze on chairs while the sea breezes waft about you. It makes me so lazy. That wasn't a bad thing either considering my aforementioned desire to relax.

I floated around the ocean until my fingers pruned.

It was wonderful. I noticed a lot of foreigners enjoying the beach, and that's when I learned to really appreciate living on a tropical island. I mean, I went swimming a whole lot as a kid, but it's different experiencing it as a grown-up and realizing how lucky you are to be doing it.

I thanked God for the sun, the white sand, the clear skies, the friendly beach people around me, the warm water, and the fact that the beach is about a twenty-minute drive from my house.

God is so good to me. It's funny how I want to see exotic places and forget I'm living in a natural paradise. I guess we all get that feeling sometimes: taking for granted the things we have and the place we live in.

my fresh Four Seasons juice: yum!

and people to enjoy my juice with

It was so cool to slow down and realize my life is not ruled by how much I do everyday and whether I've finished my daily to-do list or not. I should be responsible but I have to remember to have fun too.

We eventually went home.

But not before learning some lessons about gratitude and squeezing the most out of life. And not before curing my stress symptoms, and being able to start over with a healthy slate.

As I get into gear for my final exams this week, I'm reminded to pace myself and take it easy. I am so glad I had a break before that.

Daisy on 10/06/2008 01:06:00 AM