This is me.
Summer days are here.
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Summer afternoon,
summer afternoon;
to me those have always been
the two most beautiful words
in the english language.
- Henry James

The batch ended the year with sand and seas last Saturday. The porkchop we had grilled ourselves was delicious. :) The company wasn't bad either.

Only someone like me would mention the food before the people.

Daisy on 3/28/2006 10:54:00 AM

So hard to write...
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... when there are too many things to write about. :)

I will attempt to squeeze the juice out of my brain into words one of these days, but it will be pretty slow.

First, the Pride & Prejudice madness passed me by. I've been waiting four months for this movie to come out (with my sister, of course). We turned down watching a pirated DVD because we wanted to see it on the big screen the first time. The first three times we saw it were pretty memorable. :)

picture from here

Signal # 1: with my Mom and my sister the first night it came out in theaters... our joy could not be described! ;) What can I say? It was worth it! Everytime Mr. Collins (see above with the um... macho look on his face) came out, everyone in the theater laughed. He was just ridiculous...

Daphy, me, and April in front of the theater (which you cannot see because we blocked it).
Signal # 2: with April and Daphy in formal attire and make-up. It was all so spontaneous, and before we knew it, we had gone from a formal wedding into a theater for the last full showing. Fun, though. April says she will never forget buying tickets in a crowd in that get-up. ^_^

picture from here

Signal # 3: with Liesha, Joni, Arn2, and Daphy (who ran in much later with equal eagerness) on *SQUEE* a DVD with the US ending! *jumps from foot to foot like a deranged schoolgirl* It was the perfect destresser after getting our grades in Drafting >.< (this brings to mind the well-used line in the block "Kill me now.") that morning. All I can say is everyone loved Mr. Darcy (see above --- girly bonding, you understand).

So that seemed like a really long post. Will write some more sometime, somewhere... :)

Daisy on 3/28/2006 10:02:00 AM

easy come, easy go... :)
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I changed my original design for a while because I think I've been committing image theft, lol. I'll work out the copyright concerns until I'm not so guilty anymore... :)

Not that anyone accused me of stealing. I was just browsing through the internet on copyright info, and realized a few things.

It's so easy to steal these days.

Daisy on 3/20/2006 12:53:00 AM

Please read... :)
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So I check my e-mail after a few days of studying and find an e-mail from dear old Photobucket. It seems my bandwidth has almost exceeded.

In other words, when it does exceed, ugly-looking graphics informing the world that my bandwidth has exceeded will replace the pictures I've been using on my pages.

Since there are only eight pictures in my account and I've hardly linked to any of them, I can only assume that other people have been linking to them, yes? (Logical conclusion, really.)

Here come's the gist of this post that people may hopefully choose not to ignore:

Please download whatever pictures you might get onto your computer and open your own Photobucket account (or some other account) for them yourself.


It's not too much to ask, I guess. I just want to have pictures I put up on the internet staying there. Of course, if it's just me, I'd better check what I've been putting up lately. :)

Daisy on 3/18/2006 03:50:00 PM

Happy is...
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All right, so one of the goals on my list of 43 things to do was to make a list of 100 things that made me happy. Trickier than I expected, and amusing (especially the items about food).

This is the kind of thing one puts on one's blog, I imagine, so here it is...

1. the smell of newly fried spam (or luncheon meat lol)
2. McDonalds’ Chicken McNuggets with barbecue sauce
3. lemony smell of freshly washed clothes
4. rereading favorite parts in favorite books
5. exceptional music
6. the way good friends ask you how you are when you look terrible (while acquaintances give you a wide berth)
7. laughing over the silliest things
8. costume dramas with happy endings
9. reading bedtime stories
10. strawberry-filled doughnuts
11. dark chocolate
12. sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night
13. the way Jillane (the cousin I see only twice or thrice a year) gives me a BIG hug
14. my sister’s smile after I do her a favor
15. the scent of grass after rain stops pouring
16. eating soba, sushi, and tempura in a good Japanese restaurant
17. mulling on enlightening Bible verses
18. playing beautiful songs on my violin
19. iced tea when it’s hot enough to cause sun stroke outside
20. soft white sand and clear blue water at the beach
21. watching movies and eating take-out with my sister (a.k.a. female bonding)
22. playing video games with my younger cousins while eating large pizzas (a.k.a. bonding with males)
23. feeling like my heart is full at church meetings
24. learning to play familiar tunes by ear on the piano
25. doing really tough Math problems correctly
26. summer vacation (holidays, snacktime, meals, anytime where we get breaks)
27. excitement of travelling (whether to a new place or old favorite doesn’t really matter)
28. the really cheap and delicious siomai and rice across our school (about $0.42 for a satisfying lunch)
I'm having fun. ^_^

Daisy on 3/13/2006 12:23:00 AM

Save the radio!
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So I go down the hill from PE class today, toting a heavy radio. As I near the road, a stone turns under my right foot. Understandably, I fall. My thoughts (not my life as some people say happens at times like this) flash before me:

"This radio is heavy; I'm almost at the road and --- AHHH! I'M FALLING! I'M FALLING! AHHH! THE RADIO! THE RADIO!"

Thus is materialism displayed; I saved the radio by depositing it gently on the road in front of me while I landed on a knee and wounded it. I roll my pants up to survey the damage. Gore, blood, and a growing lump greet me. This is why my foot is now resting on a separate chair while I type out the story for today.

Ah well... the radio is saved!

Daisy on 3/09/2006 06:23:00 PM