This is me.
Reese, Doggie Extraordinaire

This could also be titled How I Became A Dog-Lover. Or My Dog Has Long Hair.

Before this personable bundle of cuteness knocked me over, I had a history of awkwardness with the canine species. This includes being chased by them, being jumped on, shouting at them, being barked at, etcetera, etcetera.

I really hated them. And that made it hard to live with my Dad and my sister, proud owners of eight dogs.

But all that changed with Reese.

looking over his shoulder at me, as always

When he first arrived, I gave him a wide berth. I even wore the thickest slippers I owned so that I wouldn't feel him licking my toes. It didn't discourage him though; he kept following my sister and me around.

I don't know; I guess I was afraid he'd bite me. Instead, he grew on me.

I was a goner the first time he jumped into my lap with that big grin of his.

Sorry, no grin here. It takes ages for him to look up at the camera.

They say dogs are loyal, but I never learned to appreciate it until now. When I'm home, he's always around me. Late nights studying are spent with him trying to keep awake by my feet. Never mind if his basket's cozy; he won't sleep until I do.

When I get out of bed to use the bathroom at 3 am, he has to peek in the door.

He is innately curious. When the guy who fixed the water heater under our sink came by, he just had to climb into the cabinet to see this heater for himself. Looking for clothes in the closet now involves him sniffing at the clothes too.

He also has the craziest antics. He'll fight with my bedroom slippers, and bite holes through boxes so they're easier for him to carry. He'll lie on his back under our bed and scratch the mattress for fun. He has a large pile of string he ties himself up in regularly.

In short, our room has been a garbage dump since he arrived.

Love you, dog.

Reese's still got a lot to teach me about dogs and love in general. And I've still got a lot to learn from him.

Daisy on 9/09/2007 06:21:00 PM