This is me.
All Things New

Seriously, everything is new. Like the blog, for instance.

I've been working on a design for this blog for months but am so picky I only got it done now. :D Oh well, I expect not to change this design for years. Or at least six months or so.

Please let me know if it works on your browser, if you can! I've been testing it but I'm not completely sure it works.

I also have new hair.

Everytime I comb my hair lately, the comb stays there. Mom took that as A Sign I Need A Haircut, so she brought me to a nearby salon. I didn't know what I wanted --- just hair that's easier to comb through, apparently --- so I let the stylist know she could do anything she wanted.

I'm just blessed that she didn't dye my hair twelve different colors.

And if you've noticed, the borders on the pictures I've been putting up are new too. It just seemed pretty to look at so I'm now making all my pictures that way. :D

I wish this post were longer but my Mom's calling me about something. I'll update more later.

'Til then!

Daisy on 8/29/2007 06:41:00 PM