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A Bit of The Old & The New

I've heard people say that our childhood dreams are the truest kind since we, as children, don't know the meanings of "can't" and "impossible". Now, I don't know if that's necessarily true but it just entered my mind when I found some of my old sketchbooks yesterday.

I actually remember owning oodles and oodles of sketchbooks a long way back, but apparently threw out most of them while cleaning my room. Oh well, the ones I did keep were nice to look back on.

I used to copy interesting cartoons from books...

and video games...
(Note: Recognize him? He's from an old game.)

I also made my own drawings.

Seeing some of my old sketches led to going through some old paintings.

Here's one of them.

Again, I'd thrown away most of the others. I don't regret it though; twenty or so canvases take up a lot of space.

I realized I'd drawn loads of things in my younger years. I remember always scribbling on notebooks and blank pieces of paper. But ever since I got into college, I'd stopped. Not consciously, mind you. But all my paints, colored pencils, and pens were just slowly kept in piles under my study table or given away.

So for the first time in at least three years, I picked up a pencil yesterday. :D My scribbles aren't posted up yet (still working on them, in fact) but expect some of them to show up soon. I just keep thinking about how much fun I had drawing --- they didn't have to be good by the way, just fun --- and I guess I want to get back into it again.

So yes, I've sharpened those colored pencils and dusted off my paints. We'll see what happens next.


Remember that school project I keep talking about? The one that involves going to the lab and making new products every week. I mentioned making virgin coconut oil and ice cream a few posts back. Anyway, we submitted them last Tuesday with storebought-looking packaging. I say storebought-looking since Cookie and I just made them LOL.

rose petal tea

virgin coconut oil

I posted an up close and personal version of the virgin coconut oil labels on my DeviantArt account here if you're interested in seeing it. The tea box wasn't all my work though so I decided not to put it up.


We're going to a concert tonight featuring Don Moen with my sister, parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, and a bunch of other people. And no, we are not making up the whole audience though there are a lot of us. :D OK, that was a humorous attempt. Laugh, please.

I have to prepare my stuff before I head over there so bye for now!

Daisy on 7/27/2007 06:13:00 PM