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It was pretty freaky to find the Blogger homepage in the Filipino language (Tagalog) when I logged in.

I quickly changed the language settings to English.

Don't get me wrong; I love living in the Philippines and everything. English is my first language though so it's easier for me to navigate in.

Anyway, I was just looking through my e-mail when I read this cool article written for Father's Day. Here's a quote:
My Dad and I have always had a good relationship. Up until our trip, though, we never had a great one. We could talk, and we did stuff together, but we never really connected the way I felt we should have. Maybe I'd never stopped to realize how much we really had in common. Whatever the reason, I suddenly felt close to Dad. It was like he was not only my dad, but also my friend...
(Read it here.)

I loved it. It made me think about how I act with my parents in general. I mean, I'm really really close to my Mom. We spend meals together going through whatever's happening at my school or her office or wherever, and we love going out.

My Dad's a different story though. I mean, he knows I love him and I know he loves me. We're pretty proud of each other, and we respect each other. But we never spend much time together. We get pretty busy.

Not that what we have now isn't great; it's more than a lot of people have. I guess I'm just reminded that he'd be someone cool to know. I mean, we took the same courses in college, and have occasionally similar habits. We must have a lot in common.

I guess I'll be making more time for him these days.

Anyway, I had a good time with my Mom and her friends last Monday.

We went out for some shopping, dinner, and coffee afterwards. It was pretty loud with everyone pitching in their own thoughts, and just laughing about things. One of my Mom's friends bought her bubbly kid daughter, and it was fun.

So what else? Oh, I can't believe I'm in third year college now!

I keep forgetting to mention it. I have less classes than I used to, and have bidden a very gracious goodbye to all my minor subjects. Goodbye PE! Goodbye Religious Education! Goodbye English (for now)! I'm happy you're gone! *winks* Not that I have no more minor subjects but they cease to be a pain to study for when my other classes also have long exams coming.

It's getting pretty cool. Maybe it's because I'm interested in the subjects. But why wouldn't I be interested? Everything's starting to seem more related to whatever work I'll be taking up. I mean, I now have a lab class where we'll be making stuff like wine, tea, and soap!

I'm also working on a new blog design. I know I've only had this one for a short while but I got tired of it. I'll redecorate when I'm done. Anyway, until next time! Hope the post wasn't too long.

Daisy on 6/20/2007 07:10:00 PM