This is me.
Survey... :D
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Ruimin tagged me to do this. It's the first time anyone's ever tagged me for this sort of thing. Well...

Fact or Fiction

1. What is the best nickname you ever had?
erm... fedora_girl?
2. Which way of suicide would you choose?
take Chemical Engineering, lol
. seriously, I would never do that.
3. Rate your social life from 1 to 10. 9?
4. Are you in love with someone at the moment?
Sure. God, my family, friends... :)
5. Are you missing someone at the moment?
I miss a lot of people but I learn to live with it.
6. Will you die for the one you love?
I hope I could be the kind of person who'd say yes to that some day.
7. Do you think love hurts?
Oh yeah. But it's worth it.
8. What is the best thing about love?
It completes you.
9. What is the worst thing about love?
Putting all your love on the wrong thing/person.
10. Will you wait for someone you love?
Depends how hard I've fallen.
11. What song best describes your love life at the moment?
"My Savior, My God" by Aaron Shust. LOL, I'm not really interested in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship right now.
12. Do you wanna get married?
Sure, but with the right person and at the right time.
13. Have you talked to the person you love for the past 24 hours?
I love a lot of people so chances are... yeah.
14. Do you keep memories?
Yes, and they're beautiful to go back to.
15. Is love always on your side or the opposite?
Love's love. Period.
16. Are you sick of love?
No, it makes life colorful.
17. Are you sick of the the question of love?
If we're talking this survey, then yes, there are a lot of love questions...
18. What are you going to do tomorrow?
eat, drive, school, church... have fun with what I've got to do in general.
19. What do you want so badly now?
I want everyone I love to be all right.

2o. What's the song that you last downloaded?
"Shouldn't I Be Less In Love With You?" from the musical I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
21. How much do you love music?
Not as much as God, but a whole lot. :D
22. Do you play an instrument?
I play the violin, piano, keyboard, & guitar.
23. What movie did you last watch?
Pirates of The Caribbean 2.
24. Do you believe in love forever?
Sure. What's God's love supposed to be?
25. What's in your mind now?
this, my latest blogskin, and a whole lot of private stuff.
26. What song is in your mind now?
No song, really.
27. Five people to do this:
er... Fish Fries, Hazel, Liliana, Kat, & Huiwen? :)

And so that's it. I've got to be in school in an hour so... bye!

Daisy on 7/31/2006 11:04:00 AM

My breaking point
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People always say I'm really happy. And I am. I've always tried to be happy because through everything, I knew I had a Savior and He is alive. And I want everyone to know it and be as happy as I am.

But it doesn't mean I haven't got problems like everyone else. In fact, I reached my breaking point yesterday.

I was leaving the school, in quite a hurry since I was headed to church to play violin for a meeting. I was in such a hurry that I scraped my car against a post. I had driven too close and gotten a not-so-pretty dent on the back of my car.

I spent the rest of the drive to church verbally punishing myself. I mean, my gosh, what a stupid thing to do! When I got to church, I got out and looked at the damage. Then I locked myself in the car and burst into tears.

And it wasn't just about the car either. That can be repaired, after all. It was all the frustration over things I can't change, and the people I love. It was everything most people will never see.

Like my mother said, I just needed a good cry. So many things have been happening and I haven't gotten the chance to think it all through. And I did feel much better afterwards.

The meeting last night really helped. I was sitting beside a friend who had also had a good cry today, and we were like... Wow. The speaker said "I would like to tell you everyone has a problem. Every family has a problem. But you can bring your problems to Jesus and everything will be all right."

And it's really true. That's why I really want people to know who my Lord is. Because He can help them the way He's helped me. While I was crying in that car, He gave me a lot of comfort. He's given me a promise about it all too. Why should I worry and frustrate myself controlling my life when I can put it in the hand of the God who has all control? I don't even know what happens tomorrow, but He does. And He cares.

I don't understand why things happen. I don't get why this is the way things have to be (in my life and everyone else's). But I know my Redeemer lives, and that's enough reason to be happy.

And before anyone thinks I'm some sob story, it's not that my life isn't blessed. It is, and I'm really thankful. Sure, sometimes I'm down but so's everyone, right? So there's definitely a lot to be happy for. :D Take care!

Daisy on 7/29/2006 11:14:00 AM

Urgent surgery & a blogskin
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Finally, my images work again! :) Anyway, back to the story...

Last Sunday, we were hanging with my cousins at my grandmother's house. All our parents were at some party we weren't invited to so the one who could drive (ahem, yours truly) was assigned to buy food and organize the weekly family get-together.

Of course, I can't take all the credit. Daphne and Ken (two eldest after me) did a lot too. :D

Anyway, we were scarfing pizza, chicken, and really great fried potatoes --- I have to mention the food, I can't help it --- when it became evident that we had to perform surgery.

On a basketball.

It had the misfortune of getting a thumb tack (read: sharp metal object) stuck in its rubbery hide. This did not please the head surgeon and owner of said basketball, Jonathan. So my cousins put on their masks (plastic cups, actually, but who's paying attention? It was an emergency!) and held the ball down so it wouldn't squirm when Jonny got the tack out.

Success? Not quite.

"There's air coming out!" "Stop moving the ball!" "Someone find the hole! Where the heck is the hole?" "Hurry up!"

Then Jonny with the words "I can feel the air on my face!"

I would like to add that the older cousins did not lose their dignity by performing surgery. We just screamed our support and made everyone panic even more. I was standing on a stool recording all the craziness with my cellphone.

I didn't get very good pictures though. I was panicking myself. :)

In the end, Jonny stuck the tack back in the hole. Whew. This is worse than ER or whatever hospital drama's around these days. I don't really keep track.

On another note, I made a new blogskin. Actually, I made more than one since class ended three hours early yesterday, but that doesn't matter.

Any suggestions how to make it better?

Daisy on 7/26/2006 07:29:00 PM

Funny Blogger, funny family
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I had something all written up but my pictures won't upload. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Guess I'll talk about something else that won't need images then. :)

Last Sunday, we were hanging with my cousins at my grandmother's house. This will be more detailed in my next post (yeah, the one that needed pictures), but something funny did happen. I mean, it wasn't really funny but I think the way we went about it made it that way.

So one of my cousins is innocently walking by the pool...
Hey, there's a pepperoni in the pool.
Yeah, right there. Floating.
He's right! It is floating!
How the heck did it get there?
I didn't do it!
Nor did I!
Who ate by the pool?
Who's gonna get it?
Me, me! I'm wearing swimming trunks.
OK, could you get it?
And remember to take your shirt off!
But I could be wrong, you know. It could be ham.
Are you wearing underwear under those trunks?
Does it matter? Uncle will kill us if he sees that!
It could be a red leaf.
Whoever heard of a red leaf?
Wait, it's coming closer.
What the heck?
It is a red leaf!
Or a flower for that matter. Maybe a petal?
Don't jump into the pool!
Why is there a red leaf in the pool?
It was a red leaf!
This is funny.
Let's eat, everyone!
And so it's a glimpse of the riot that happens everytime we're all together. I love this family. :)

Daisy on 7/25/2006 11:06:00 PM

So I'm back!
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After weathering exams and pounding my brains to near-death, I'm finally blogging again!

Seriously, school has been a pain lately. It's like you keep forcing your brain to work and it just won't do anything anymore. My blockmates and I reached the breaking point last Thursday: we just kept all our books and calculators and blew everything off. For a short while anyway. :)

But the funny thing about all this is I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I'm right where I want to be.

So aside from boring school, I've been destressing from school by trying to be creative. Trying is the operative word here. I revamped my Friendster profile.

And made a new blog design.

Even our Sunday School class's attendance sheets were not exempt from my impulsive arty side.

My mom also went to Manila (our country's capital) over the weekend to watch a big badminton competition. I'm not big on badminton these days so I don't really have much to say on it. She did have fun, though. What's more, she brought back tidings of good cheer (read: food).

My mother sure knows how to go foodtripping. She brought...

1) gigantic siopaos from Emerald Garden. I don't really know where that is but these are big, aren't they?

2) rich bread. And really expensive too. We just wanted to try it and see what all the fuss and extra pesos was about.

It was good, by the way. But I wouldn't buy it on a daily basis.

3) I forgot what this is called. Anyway, it's a Chinese thing, a pork leg that's sliced and warmed before eating. It's really good though it doesn't really look it.

I mean, my cousin is a great cook, and he says he dreams about this at night! :D

4) sublime lemon squares from Mary Grace. :D I've never been in that bakery myself but my mom brings back these squares everytime she goes there. They're so good and soft that they melt in your mouth! They're lemony but not too much so. They're sweet but not... I'll stop now.


These are so delicious. You bite into them and you actually get to taste milk. It's that creamy! :D It's also that expensive. I never ask my mother for these but she surprises me now and then.

There was a whole lot of other food but those were the high points for me. Suffice to say they all got me through my time of testing (aside from God helping me out, of course). :)

In short, I did a lot of stuff.


Oh yeah! I saw POTC 2.

Go Johnny!
from Rotten Tomatoes

It was really cool. The effects, stunts, and costumes were great. The lines, comic relief, and even the expressions on the actors' faces made me laugh. I liked the story though some might find it a little clunky. I suggest watching the first one before you see this. It's much more enjoyable that way.

The ending was a real cliff-hanger though (no spoilers here), but I guess Disney's just cashing in so we'll all watch the third installment, yes?

Daisy on 7/22/2006 04:39:00 PM

Falling lights!
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Anyone ever read the story Chicken Little? I've never seen the movie, but it might be similar. But in the original story, the chicken gets hit by an acorn. Instead of saying "Wow! A biological child of this beautiful tree!" or some other such rot, he panics and runs around saying "Help! Help! The sky is falling!"

I am about to follow his example. Ehem.

"Help! Help! The lights are falling!"

Seriously. Check this light, a normally functional one that brightens up my room. I have about ten to fifteen of these dotted around the ceiling.

Then look at the light right above the chair I sit on when using my computer.

See that spot where the light seems to be getting loose?


If I stop posting for more than a month, be assured I have probably been sent to heaven early by a falling light fixture.

I really have to have that light fixed before it drops on me.

Daisy on 7/13/2006 11:26:00 PM

Crazy birthdays & exams
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the birthday girl

For the past few days, my friends and I have been preparing surprises for Arn2x's (another friend) birthday. We blew up balloons (OK, so Cookie did the blowing. Hazel & I are real failures at it. We gave moral support though. :D), got her a gift, signed cards, & messed up her locker with balloons and confetti.

In short, we celebrated her birthday.

We also agreed not to mention her birthday to her. If she thought we had forgotten, it would have been more of a surprise, right?

And she was surprised. She was about to cry because we hadn't greeted her at all after all her hints through the week. At least she saw the surprise before she actually lost it. And her reaction? "Why is there a lot of trash in my locker?" Hmph.

Anyway, those happy days are ending. Pre-midterm exams are coming up on the horizon and they aren't pretty. Memorizing loads of Calculus equations & molecular structures in Organic Chemistry at the same time isn't my idea of a good time. But then, it's my fault. Why did I take Chemical Engineering?

(Note: This is all just comic relief, you understand. I wouldn't seriously shift.)

So I'll be on hiatus for a while. Like a week or so, LOL, not really that long. Why? I'll be studying, studying, studying. No blog designing, blogging, whatever. I guess I have to be more serious so I can have fun later, yeah? Then I'll skin and design until kingdom come! :D

So let the games begin!

Daisy on 7/13/2006 10:19:00 PM

My arty side (& some finished projects) :D
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"Why didn't you take Fine Arts?"
"Why are you taking an Engineering course?"
"You've got hidden talent. Why don't you shift?"

Just the recent barrage of questions aimed at me.

People like to ask me why I've taken a course in Chemical Engineering. I mean, it's such a logical course with a lot of maths and science. And I'm always drawing, designing stuff, taking photos, writing (blogging included), and other stuff that's just not all that left-brained.

I mean, even my Mom asked me if I wanted to shift. I started to think about it more often, to the point that my Mom and I actually thought of all the other different courses on the planet.

But when it came right down to it, I like my course. I like the high I get when I do get Calculus and Organic Chemistry. I like the people, the atmosphere, and the rest of the deal. I absolutely adore the fact that my hobbies are so different from what I do with the rest of my life. It's fun. :D

My Mom said I might design packaging and write convincingly when I get a real job. And maybe I will. There's no rule that your college course has to be what you'll be doing for the rest of your life.

I mean, look at my mother: the Pharmacy graduate who is now an accountant. And I'm really proud of her. :)

Now on to less serious topics. I didn't go on the computer last night (whoopee me) because I decorated a bunch of notebooks!

Well, two notebooks, actually.

I was looking at notebooks at the bookstore as I usually do. Seriously, it's a hobby for me. I love looking at different covers, fingering paper textures, and grimacing over soaring notebook prices. I have a stack of notebooks waiting to be used in my cabinets. It's very stupid, but there it is.

I'm a closet notebookaholic! OK, so I made that word. But I digress.

So there I was in the bookstore when I got the totally unoriginal idea to buy plain notebooks and do them up myself. This has been done dozens of times by dozens of people but this was the first time I got up the effort to actually do it.

I think the way I blog design just spilled over onto my notebooks.

Maybe the good feelings I get when using notebooks I redid will translate into good feelings for my classes. But then, maybe not. :)

Daisy on 7/11/2006 05:50:00 PM

Quirky craziness
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Your Quirk Factor: 53%

You're a pretty quirky person, but you're just normal enough to hide it.
Congratulations - you've fooled other people into thinking you're just like them!
How Quirky Are You?

LOL, evidently I haven't fooled this crazy quiz.

I'm kind-of busy right now. School's starting to get crazy. Jesus and skinning are all that's destressing me at the moment.

I've also been working on the batch T-shirt with some friends. So far, it's good all the way. At least my Photoshop skills are being used practically. :D

I'll post more when I have the time and inclination. Take care everyone!

Daisy on 7/08/2006 12:33:00 PM

Island-hopping, & generally having fun! :D
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Paradise... :D

Lately, I'm starting to realize how completely picturesque & perfect-for-a-vacation the Philippines is. Not that it wasn't any of those things before. But with everything daily life has to offer (read: school stress, work, city life in general), I think I've forgotten I'm living in a postcard paradise.

I mean, we weren't even an hour's drive away from home & we were already island-hopping last Saturday.

on the boat

Some of my Dad's friends were around with their families from the US (thus the large number of American children surrounding my parents in the picture above). They had already gone to Boracay last week (a really great beach, by the way) but my sister and I couldn't come. School, you know. Priorities. Gloom.

Anyway, island-hopping was a lot of fun as you can see from my Dad here.

WHEE! :)

It was a great way to relax: living the good life & all that. We went to different islands, swam, & ate a lot of good food. OK, so I didn't swim. I did get wet though.

Note the spatters on my shirt that aren't even very clear. ;)

Speaking of food though, look what someone sold us (or tried to sell us, I'm not quite sure).

creepy crawly underwater things

They must have sold some to us. I mean, look what we had for lunch.

Dead creepy crawly expensive abalones

Stupid captions, I know. All I can say is: I'm tired.

Well, we ate...


got serenaded,

and had a lot of fun. :)

The pictures speak for themselves.

We had a really great time, and I got to discover my own home all over again. :D

Daisy on 7/03/2006 11:28:00 PM

Friendship's a beautiful thing
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Friends: where would I be without them? I might still be here but it'd be less meaningful and lonelier to boot.

First, there's Jesus. And He'll always be first if I can help it. He's never let me down (ever), and I know for sure He cares for me. He's the best friend I --- anyone, for that matter --- could have.

Then, there's my friends in college, in high school, and every other place I ended up in my relatively short span of life. They're all fun in different ways, and all crazy too. Guys, girls, old, new, little kids... They have all contributed to my (insane) personality.

April, Daphy,

Arn2, Cookie, Joni,

Hazel, Liesh,

my family (are my friends too),

friends from church...

... & a lot of other people whose good pictures I do not have are included in this non-exclusive fan club called "Be Friends With Daisy".

I'm such a dork.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to all of them.

Now everyone's thinking "What's got Daisy on this line of thought? What the heck happened to her today?"

Well, today, I caught up with an old friend. We actually got really close while taking the same ship to Ozamiz (little place in southern Philippines) about three years ago. We still see each other but we haven't really caught up because of different schools, situations, genders, & other little inconsequential details.

Until now.

We were heading home today when we just got started on our problems, things we've been doing lately, & even happy moments. He opened up some emotional baggage, but hey, so did I. We talked for about an hour, & figured we'd catch up more. Apparently, we worried about each other now and then but never got up the nerve to ask how things were going.

And I realized gosh, I missed him. Not only him, but I missed every one of my friends. The old ones I don't talk to or get awkward with now, the new ones who are some of the craziest people on earth, the in-between ones I found in different places...

Of course, Jesus is still with me but that's beside the point. :)

So here I am, saying thank you once again to every friend that's helped me and shaped me as I went along. I may not have showed how I appreciated you guys, but I do.

I once said my blog was occasionally serious and mostly crazy. Well, this is the occasionally serious part. Rest assured that I will not be this serious on my next post. :D

Daisy on 7/01/2006 01:27:00 AM