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One of Those Meals

My posts haven't been as often as they used to be, nor have they been as full of photos as I'd like (read: almost zero). I thought I'd change that by posting the last photos I took of a meal out --- which was a long time ago, by the way, since I've been practically living in my Ama's (Grandma) house since my Angkong (Grandpa) died.

My Mom, my sister (Daphy), and I trooped out for food that sizzles on our plates.

uncooked meat on sizzling hot plates

Yes, I did say uncooked. This particular restaurant had something new: cooking your own food on hot plates that stay hot for more than a half hour.

We were pretty game. That last dish up there is mine: cubed Japanese steak with rice and little vegetable pieces. We all basically turned our food over and over until they were as done as we liked. Then we mixed everything and drowned it in sauce.

Let's watch Daphy do it.

It was interesting, especially mine. They all turned theirs over on two sides while I had to roll the cubes around on all six faces. You can understand, dear Reader, why it took me a bit longer to start eating.

Or maybe I'm just persnickety about how cooked my food is --- I like medium rare to medium well, by the way.

Anyway, my steak was delicious. It was just chewy enough without being too weird, and the sauce was good. The aroma of the whole dish was also wonderful. I tried that dish more than a month ago, but I still clearly remember how it tasted.

my Mom's chicken dish

Mom said it was good, and it did look good.

Daphy's dish

Words can't really describe how fun the experience was. That meal happened right after my sister and I got back from a long trip, and my Mom missed us loads (yes, we missed her too, if you were wondering).

The pictures still make me smile when I look over them.

Daisy on 12/11/2008 08:22:00 PM