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Another Memorable Meal

I wasn't going to post about this anymore but I can't seem to help myself. It was a memorable meal. Maybe I'm just food-fixated but most of my meals are memorable to me.

My sister once said it might have something to do with our being Chinese and how food-oriented our culture is.

I mean, most Chinese I know are very interested in eating and food in general. It's not unheard of for Chinese families to be celebrating birthdays by eating out without the celebrants. My own family had a great lunch party once for my aunt's birthday. Seeing as she was in the United States at the time, she definitely wasn't with us so we sensitively called her in the middle of the meal to offer our best wishes and tell her what we were doing.

Cultural quirks aside, my Mom, my sister, and I moseyed over to a restaurant for some food last Wednesday. And the food was good!

Their paella's so pretty.

Paella's a famous Spanish dish with seafood, vegetables, and golden yellow rice. Since the Philippines was colonized by the Spanish, it's a very familiar food to eat in a restaurant or cook at home.

This particular paella was delicious. The seafood was chewy without being fishy, and the rice was flavorful. It tasted a bit like broth but was a little sweet too.

Happy with my dish, thanks.

That caption was my reply when the waiter asked me if I had a great meal. I think he'd have keeled over if I'd waved my hands in the air and described the gastronomical delights my stomach went into, so I opted for a more understated reply.

My sister was happy too!

She got grilled chops that I've already rhapsodized about enough on a previous post so I won't repeat myself. Suffice to say, it was amazing and I had to tie myself up into knots so I wouldn't order it again and miss trying something new.

The third member of our party.

My Mom was happy as well. Her ribs came out nicely.

But they were a bit harder than I was used to.

I prefer ribs with the meat falling off the bones but that's just me. The sauce was smoky and delicious though.

And who could forget dessert?

It said panna cotta with raspberry sauce on the menu but it tasted more like panna cotta with strawberry jam. No complaints here since strawberry jam's one of my favorite things to eat.

So that was it. Our meal.

I'll stop now. If my descriptions are more enthusiastic than usual, it's because my stomach's grumbling as I type. We have dinner with my parents when they get off work, and it'll be a while yet so... yes, I'm really hungry. Maybe I'll pop downstairs for a banana or something.

Until later!

Daisy on 10/13/2008 07:43:00 PM