This is me.
Quoted Tidbits

Lots of little things happened after I got back from another trip two weeks ago. They're all too short to make into individual posts, so they will now be mishmashed into a list of tidbits. In chronological order.

Daphy (my sister) and I sat by each other a bit of time after my birthday.

Daphy: "You know, our cousins and I thought of giving you a gift."

Daisy: "Really?"

Daphy: "Yup. We thought of money since you'd probably save it for some internet shopping thing."

Daisy: "Cool."

Daphy: "Except, because we're all kids, all the money we came up with was PhP 300 (US$7)."

Daisy: "Oh."

Suffice to say, they decided not to give me the money. It was a cute intention though; it's the thought that counts.
Adam, a good friend, and I went on our bi-annual / occasionally tri-annual lunch out to catch up on things. So there we sat, laughing and eating when the waiter plunked a large glass of iced tea on the table.

"Free for you and your girlfriend," he said. He walked away, leaving a slightly awkward and hilarious silence.

"OK," Adam said. "I think I'm going to blush."

Two single people mistaken for a couple in such an er, interesting way. Who wouldn't blush?

At least the iced tea was free.
Chrisy over the weekend: "Jonas Brothers! JoBros!" X 1000000 times

Yes, my cousin is a fan of that band. We bonded by listening to the brothers' songs over and over, and dancing on the bed. Daphy, sleeping on one end of that bed, kicked me when it got too annoying.
Daphy and I sat in the car waiting for the stoplight to turn green. Then we saw a person throw trash on the road.

"Littering," Daphy says eerily. "May God smite you!"

Enough said.
I sat on the floor rubbing my dog's tummy when a medium-sized cream-colored spider came out of my shirt and hung on the collar.

Me: "Oh frick!"

The spider was actually on my classmate's bag back in class. How it came home with me without being seen before then is beyond me.

I think I might have picked up that expression of surprise from the Maximum Ride trilogy I just finished reading. For anyone who's looking for a good read, those books were incredibly awesome: great plot twists, appropriate teen angst, and very human characters. Reading them was a real ride!

So that's about it. Thanks to all the well-wishers, by the way. I'm feeling loads better!

Until next time then!

Daisy on 9/03/2008 06:57:00 PM