This is me.
Doodles Speak A Thousand Words

I'm going to be real busy the rest of the day though, so I thought I'd update my blog before the craziness starts.

And since I can't say much --- class starts really soon --- I'll just post a few things I've drawn the past two days.

Anyway, this doodle describes what I've been doing in school better than words could ever say it.

I'm the knight with the angelic scientific calculator flying over my shoulder.

And yes, that's a monster pipe.

God has been very good to me though; I've had time to do other things as well.

Like draw little Japanese anime blobs (translate: chibis) for the bulletin board at school.

Yup, these are supposed to be my classmates.

I'm not sure if I got them right. Either way, it was an interesting exercise in using the vector tool in Photoshop.

I put them up in my deviantArt account since they turned out all right.

And now, I have to go. Class starts in a half-hour.

Until next time then!

Daisy on 7/28/2008 08:41:00 AM