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Thoughts on "Techie"-ness

Note: Apologies for the lateness of this post. A typhoon swept by my country and disconnected our internet connection for a while. It's back now though, and I'm blogging once more!

Technology's a funny thing. It's changed so much of what we do. Everyone would agree that the way our parents, their parents, and the rest of our forefathers lived is a far cry from the way we live today.

Like last Wednesday. I was in school --- no more summer vacation, you understand --- and had just sat through a Philosophy class. We had an hour-long break, and my classmates pulled out iPods, mobile phones, and other gadgets. Most memorable was the group of guys glued to a tiny television and rooting the Boston Celtics on in the fourth quarter of Game Six.

What the heck, I was rooting for them as well. I'm thrilled they finally won the championship!

But moving on, that pretty normal scene made me think about how dependent people are on technology today. Even me, for that matter. I don't leave home without my two mobile phones --- not unusual in my country --- and an iPod. I read books online, and I download study material my professors e-mail me. I draw, paint, blog, and mind-map on my computer as well.

It's just crazy.

a drawing of some of my gadgets in my journal

I still do a lot of things sans computer though. For instance, I'm more comfortable planning my schedule on a generic planner from the bookstore. I still draw in my sketchbooks and write in a journal by hand. I continue using Postits to fashion my To-Do lists for the day.

And my favorite thing in the world is going through a book on a rocking chair in our home library. I love the way I can turn a page, the way the words look on the paper, and the quiet atmosphere. I love how I can stay engrossed for hours (or until my dog steals one of my slippers).

But most of all, I love how reading the old-fashioned way reminds me that "techie"-ness isn't the be-all and end-all of existence. Just because all these bits and pieces of machinery make my life easier doesn't mean they should be my life. There are lots of things they could never replace: enjoying nature, talking face-to-face with family and friends, playing with my dog, and especially my relationship with God.

I think that's just pretty cool.

Daisy on 6/22/2008 02:19:00 PM