This is me.
I've Crashed & Burned

Note: If you're tired of reading about my work angst, the light at the end of the tunnel is near. My deadliest deadline is today, so you will not be hearing me rant about work for a long time.

I'm sorry if the whole work thing has been tedious (I can just hear people saying "Hmph! You should hear about my experience!" right about now.), but please forgive this newbie. And cheer up, dear Reader. Sillier posts are just around the corner!

The Oswegan (or Scott) told me to relax on my last post. It's good advice; I tried to stand by it. It is my summer vacation, after all.

Things just seemed to pile up though: the job, church, family, and some other uncuttable --- Yes, I know that isn't a word, but my vocabulary isn't stretching much today. --- tasks. And it wasn't even caused by overworking myself; it was just that some things I was supposed to finish by last week kept taking longer to do.

I mean, the job --- which I will not detail so that you, dear Reader, will not go into a deep coma --- was done two weeks ago. Then it was redone a week ago. And then it was done again. And again. And again.

"This is how work really is," my always wise Mother quipped. "It's different from school; you just have to get used to it."

Sigh. Getting used to it made me feel like the car below.

I'm pretty burned out. (photo by blmurch)

How dazed was I yesterday? Well, I worked until 2 am to meet today's work deadline. I had already met said deadline a few days back but revisions were made. I then woke up at 3 am to catch the first flight to Manila, our country's capital, for an appointment at 8:30 am.

I managed to catnap here and there, and was back at the airport to catch a flight home yesterday afternoon. I was already planning to sleep a bit before heading to work. And then it happened. The plane was delayed. Long enough that I'd have to go straight to work when I got back.

So I was flexible (I tried, anyway). I slept in one of those metal chairs at the airport, and woke up every few minutes to ask if the plane was leaving yet.

I got home with a raging headache, ran around in the office for two hours, and popped over to church for a calming meeting. Yep, calming. Church often does that for me when I'm in over my head; it reminds me to trust God with my best and not stress about the uncontrollable. When I forget this and panic about everything, it just makes me tired.

I rested a lot more today --- with Oswegan's advice continuously marqueeing through my head --- but re-editing my re-re-re-edited revisions for another deadline was still stressful.

Here's how I'd look like now if I was a car. (photo by cheeky needle)

Work is hard, but in an interesting and mind-bending way. The funniest thing is my job isn't even as hard as other jobs are! It just shows I have a lot to learn.

At least I'm learning this a few years before I really have to work. I have more time to strategize towards my ultimate goal: working well and keeping sane in the workplace.

I think it'll be strangely fun!

Daisy on 5/01/2008 04:19:00 AM