This is me.
Old Old Drawings

I've been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I often drew pictures in the inside covers of books --- I know, shame on me for abusing the written word --- and copied pictures in my Mom's magazines. I would type out stories on a typewriter, and illustrate them with silly drawings.

Then came the computer and it fascinated me. Especially when I figured out I could draw on this large machine.

My first drawings were done with Microsoft Paint and an overused mouse. Now I use upgraded equipment --- think a Mac and a graphics tablet --- and draw graphic design pieces. But I still remember the thrill of getting that first scribbly drawing done right.

Being the pack rat I am, I realized I still had some old drawings buried in my hard drive. So let's go through some tidbits of my childhood, shall we?

Little Purple Fairy

I think this was the first imaginary person I drew right. This was done in the fifth grade; my sister used to rib me about how long I spent on these drawings.

The Short Fairy

That last drawing was all out of proportion, wasn't it?

Her Ladyship

And just to show I wasn't always thinking about fairies and imaginary characters, here's a more, er, sporty scribble.

Soccer! Or Football, depending...

Not that I played soccer. I just liked the patterns on the ball itself.

It's nice to look back sometimes, and see how much fun I had. It reminds me why I got into graphic design all over again.

Daisy on 4/23/2008 02:47:00 PM