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Here Comes The Sun

Note: This post actually happened last March 27. A lot of other post ideas made writing this a tad late. I'll be catching up though. And if you're wondering what's happening to me now, I'm working my butt off. More on this later!

I have a really easy riddle for you, dear Reader!

Where do five college friends go in a tropical country at a sweltering 90°F? (Hint: The ocean's about a 15-minute drive away.)

This is a no-brainer.

Answer: The beach!

So happy days are here again!

Arn, Henri, Cookie, Joni, and me packed up food, games, and swimming gear and traipsed off to the beach.

And cameras. Who can forget the cameras, really?

Well, photo-taking partners Henri and Joni sure wouldn't. They spent a lot of time taking photos of everyone.

an almost candid photo by the two of them

They engineered most, if not all, the photos in this blog post. Thanks, friends!

On the other hand, Arn took on the role of Unofficial Gourmet Chef. She turned our raw food --- which I'm not allowed to include pictures of, by the way, since Cookie says the poor things are naked --- into edible goodies! And all on a shoestring budget, too.

Arn's Amazing Porkchops

Yes, they were tasty. The marinade itself was interesting: orange juice, rice wine, different spices, and other mysterious secret ingredients. They're so secret that even Arn can't remember what they are.

We just hope they'll come to mind the next time she cooks. Her (in)famous Tofu With Cheese & Egg was also in attendance. Pretty good, if I do say so myself.

We had a lot of fun swimming and getting sunburn. I'm still peeling dead skin off my shoulders, but it was worth it.

Too much information in that last sentence, you say? Sorry.

And moving on...

We also played the classic Clue board game. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Clue is a murder mystery game where the one who figures out whodunit wins.

our many guesses

It created a lot of laughs. Especially when everyone knew who the murderer was, and were scrambling to accuse him first.

More pictures were taken for posterity.

This is my personal favorite.

That photo took a lot of effort since everyone wanted to be in it. Cookie ended up looking through the lens, and arranging our arms --- er, natural tripods --- to support the camera the right way.

Thanks, Kie!

All in all, it was loads of happy-clean-and-almost-kiddie fun. We laughed a lot. And we laughed some more.

It was a perfect way to end the school year!

Daisy on 4/10/2008 11:20:00 PM