This is me.
Busy busy busy :)
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As Cookie always says, we're ehem, "busy busy busy". LOL.

I just sang for English class today to the strumming of my guitar, and played violin for Cookie's presentation. It was a little freaky. I mean, I was the first to sing, and everyone was just murmuring and staring. My voice wasn't that bad, was it?

Not that most of the people who read this would know since they've never heard my voice before.

Anyway, yes, I feel busy (though not as busy as last week or the week before). But still, time's moving quickly. After all this, it's semestral break though and that cheers me up to no end.

So... *drum roll, lovely music of choice*

1) I must study Physics.
Because I have an exam this Tuesday, and my grades aren't really that great in this subject. I sometimes think my brain wasn't wired for this scientific mumbo-jumbo. But ah well... it's nice to learn a few things now and then.

2) I must study for Chemistry Laboratory.

Because I also have an exam on Monday, and I missed an exam which lowered my grades, I'm sure. X)

3) I must make a program for Computer Lecture.
This one is pretty cool, actually. My project involves playing with a program and figuring out what makes it tick. And then, I have to write it in coding script, and get the same game with my own codes. If I get it right, it's a perfect grade all the way without even computing my tests and stuff. WOW. The stakes are high.

4) I must videotape commercials for English.
Yup, we're doing commercials for English, and we have to videotape at my house this Friday. I think we're missing one class to do it, but there's no other free time we could think of. Well, it'll be fun (and funny, lol). It's going to be a real time crunch though; I still have to edit all the videos.

5) I must study for my Calculus exam.
Gah. Calculus is really challenging: the most units, the most hours of study, and the least understood. We've got an exam covering everything we've taken up the whole semester. And this exam's on Wednesday. Uh-oh.

6) I must write better posts for my blog.
Yes, yes, I can see all those readers (if there are any lately since I haven't updated too often) nodding their heads vigorously. Unfortunately, life seems to be getting in the way of my blogging habits. Still, I must write better.

7) I must take my PE practical exam.

We're doing martial arts actually. It's pretty cool except when my hands and knees hurt from a whole hour of practicing without stopping. We're using two sticks now, and we wave it around and try (not) to hit each other pretty fast.

8) I must study for Physics Laboratory exam.
It's this Friday. Enough said.

There are other things which are usually on my list: living for God, being the best I can be, and etc. But I really must sleep now, and I'm too tired.

Still, here are a few pictures though to reward whoever got this far in my post without pictures. :D

I missed a class to attend my sister's cheer dance competition in her school last Thursday. It was fun, especially since this was my last high school (the one I actually graduated from out of the three I was in LOL).

They had a lot of cool effects: fire, confetti, dyed hair and hands, hand stands, and other human structures built to awe and impress. These were just some of the things they had in store for the rest of us parents / relatives / students / judges sitting in the bleachers.

And after all that work, after my sister getting fever from late practices, after watching countless dance movies and videos to get inspired, after shelling money for costumes and props, after this extremely long pointless sentence... they won. THEY WON!

Their joy is boundless.

My sister's graduating from high school this year, so I guess this is a fitting legacy to leave behind.

And I can say they really deserved it. It was worth missing class for.

My Mom and I had a late breakfast at a bakery afterwards.

so many goodies to gobble up

what I eventually gobbled up

I ended up getting Devil's Peak, a chocolate cone with chocolate drizzled on it. People tell me chocolate is related to the devil because it's so good that it causes you to sin. I, for one, just don't get it. But then, I've never really liked chocolate all that much. Or sweets, for that matter.

I was a kid who didn't like ice cream, chocolate, and sweets. That gave me perfect teeth and made me boring.

But I digress once more. Anyway, I ordered this out of curiosity. And it was all right as far as chocolate goes. It was harder than I expected; I put my fork into it and didn't make a dent. I ended up using some of my nonexistent muscle to slice it up.

I was just talking with my Mom anyway so I didn't really care about what I was eating.

After that, I went back to class and sat around trying to understand as usual. :)

Oh yes, I submitted a new skin on

See here.

You can download it too if you want.

Anyway, I shall sleep now. Goodnight, world. And God bless everybody.

Daisy on 9/27/2006 11:25:00 PM

A hurried update
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"Mom, I won't go!"
"How will you eat?"
"I'll let the maid buy takeout."
"Are you sure? I want you to go!"
"No, I won't go!"
"You're not going to study anyway."
"I don't know what to wear."
"I'll help."
"I won't go!"
And so went the argument between my dear Mother and me about a wedding reception we went to tonight. Yes, we went to. Of course, my Mother would win. She's still my Mother after all.

Anyway, there was so much traffic getting to the place. We joked about how all these cars were attending the reception we were going to, and were pretty shocked when it was actually true. It was like the whole city was invited: two floors of guests and a large parking lot with cars parked, double-parked, and overflowing to the main road and surrounding restaurants.

The reception was all right though. The bride and groom were really happy, and that makes me happy for them.

And then back home to grind my brains into powder for three exams in the same subject tomorrow. My classmates keep saying they want to die. I don't think tests are a good enough reason to do that. I'd rather live, thank you very much.

Like I said, this is a hurried update to keep my blog from dying a slow and horrible death from my lack of posts lately. But oh, I'm so busy. Seriously. I stayed home in pajamas the whole day yesterday just doing homework, and I didn't even finish. Boo.

But I guess times like these are the perfect times to just fall at the feet of Jesus. He's got the strength, and I'm just an instrument for him to use, you know? I'm sure I will laugh when I think about all the pressure now after it happens, but since it's still happening, I'll just smile. Whee.

Gosh, I don't even make sense anymore.

Anyway, we just had a retreat today for our religious education. I always get into a little trouble in things like these because I'm not a Catholic and I'm in a Catholic school. It's like "Oh, they're going to confession." Pause. "What am I going to do now?"

But God gave me a lot to reflect on today. Particularly that I should be wiser with the way I spend my time, and I should make real effort to live for the things that are important.

And it was pretty fun. Especially with classmates like mine...

all of us looking down some sort of cliff

Jed said he'd jump but I think he changed his mind.

The retreat house was on top of a mountain so yes, there was an abundance of cliffs. But it was a nice place. This is my favorite picture from the retreat:

Run, guys, run!

Yes, those are my classmates running around like little children and playing tag in the gardens. You'd think college students would have more dignity, but oh well, it's fun!

If you're wondering why there's no food in this post, it shall reappear after I finish all my exams. I've got some food pictures saved up but no time to wax poetic about any of them. Ah well, some other time...

Oh yes, I have to sing on Wednesday for Speech class. Something about developing confidence and correct pronunciation in front of the whole class. Whoopee. Fun. If you could not tell that was sarcastic, then you must be... I just lost my train of thought. Anyway, I 'm singing and it freaks me out a little. I haven't really picked a song yet, probably something mellow that'll put my classmates to sleep, lol.

I'll worry about it after exams. Like tomorrow. I just don't have the time now.

I almost forgot, I made a blog design on penguins, and passed it in It was just my drawings, but they must have really liked it. It got my fifth Skin of The Day. :)

You can download it from here if you want to use it.

I guess that's about it. My hurried update. I've got to review my notes and go to sleep now. God bless me tomorrow. God bless everyone for that matter. Goodnight. :)

Daisy on 9/24/2006 10:09:00 PM

Parties, food, friends, & lots of photos
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It's been a really busy week. Aside from stressing for exams, I've been hit by a flood of birthdays (ending tonight). I've also gone out with friends, cooked, and a bunch of other things not computer-related.

First, the birthdays. We celebrated my cousin's birthday, the other cousin's birthday, my sister's birthday, and my grandfather's birthday over the course of the weekend. There are more than fifty people in my father's side of the family (and about eighty on my mother's side), so we have birthdays popping up at least twice a month. Or at least, I think it's twice a month. I've never really counted them.

Anyway, my sister's birthday has passed and *gasp* I haven't bought her a gift yet. Her birthday was quite busy. She had practices on top of practices for extracurricular and other school activities, projects, assignments, tests, and even attended a birthday party that wasn't hers. No wonder she got really sick too. Her fever made us postpone her birthday celebration until she felt like it. Which is why I haven't gotten her a gift yet.

Our grandfather's 83rd birthday was a real bash though. We had dinner at this great buffet with so many choices that I couldn't pick. I mean, how could I pick? So I solved the problem by getting a little of virtually everything.

glorious food :DFood, glorious food!

I normally don't like desserts. There's really nothing wrong with them but I'm more of a meat-and-potato type of girl. But even I appreciated their large array of desserts.


More desserts!

That wasn't even everything. There was a spot with ice cream dishes, and one with native desserts, one with crepes, and another... Well, you get the idea. Everything was pretty: whipped cream twirls, cheesecake you could just sink your teeth into, and other dessert delectables I'm not very familiar with. I did get a crepe though.

It was really good: mangoes in dough with large amounts of mango sauce, chocolate syrup and cream dribbled on them. It was also pretty fattening if you think about it. But I don't think about it so that's a moot point.

People are always telling me that I put so many pictures of food in my posts. So I shall take this moment to put pictures of people with the food. In other words, the rest of these pictures are of people now. I'll try, anyway. :D

So here's my fooding mates and me. We generally enjoy family functions like the one above because we get so many different kinds of food and share to prevent exploding from overeating. These are the people I will finish liters of Coke with. And that's saying something since I don't drink soda.

Me (with those crazy eyebrows raised), Ken, & Daphy

I've been hanging out with my college friends the past week too (which is what most college students do). We had breakfast at Jollibee (this fastfood place, for your information) last erm... Thursday because one of our teachers didn't show up for class.

HazelHazel (and her food)

Paul, Suy2, Joni's hair (and their food)

Cookie looking at her free newspaper

Arn2 looking at me instead of her free newspaper

We enjoyed those free newspapers, in fact. Hazel gawked over a new iPod model in the technology section, Joni gawked over Orlando Bloom in the entertainment section, and I... just gawked, I guess. We all did the crossword though, and seemed to have fun doing it. Oh, the simple joys of life.

We also went to the mall last week in between exams. Call it destressing.

We looked at books, stuffed toys, and other stuff. The idea was to buy birthday gifts for the classmate whose party we're attending tonight. I don't think we all ended up buying her stuff but we had fun.

in the bookstore

Paul and a stuffed animal

I've been studying pretty hard lately because I don't really understand my lessons anymore. It's terrible and it worries me. My parents aren't pressuring me to get really high grades though. They've always said they care more about whether I've learned anything, and are happy with me no matter what my grades are. Did I mention I love my parents?

And God's always around and taking care of me. Even when everything's in a whirl, I'm right in his hands, and they're as strong as rock. That's a Bible verse paraphrased actually.

I shall leave you with something to smile or stare at depending on your personality and how quick it will be to amuse you. These were part of the decor of a restaurant the family went to (and enjoyed, of course, because there's no point in going if you don't enjoy it).

Cute, aren't they?

Daisy on 9/19/2006 04:18:00 PM

Rotoscoliosis, etc.
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I was cramming with my friends for a major Physics exam yesterday. I picked up my phone and checked my messages about the time Cookie was shooting velocity and horsepower questions at me. I don't think I answered her very well though; my Mom's message shocked me speechless.

messageThe first thought that marqueed through my brain was "What?" When it eventually sank in, the next thought was "Thank God it's only mild."

If you're wondering what that was supposed to mean, it's the answer to my x-ray episode in the last post. Being as ignorant as I am, I didn't know what rotoscoliosis was. Apparently, it's a disease where your spine isn't completely straight and rotates. This causes pain (which I have) and deformation to the body (which I don't really have).

I missed class today (yay, me, LOL) to go for therapy at the hospital. My bone problem isn't such a big thing. I have problems with my muscles though, so the therapist taught me a bunch of exercises, and did a lot of stuff I didn't understand. I felt better afterwards so it must have worked.

I still have a lot of visits to make to the hospital though.

I really want to thank God for taking care of me through this. I mean, it's not such a big thing, but it was pretty scary for me. I hardly get sick and suddenly, this pops up. But God probably has some lessons for me to learn along the way. I'll just have to sit up and take notice. :)

My Mom and I went out after the therapy for some heart-to-heart conversation. I really feel I can tell my Mom anything, and I'm glad about that. I mean, she listens and gives advice, but she never judges. Not to mention the fact that she's as silly as can be and loves food as much as I do.

And the food was good.

I got this flaky butter croissant which I loved to pieces. It was pretty airy, like biting into a flavorful goosedown pillow. I also loved that it flaked just right (in other words, it did not explode into a million pieces after the first bite).

croissant goodness

If you know me well (like my Mom), you'll say the same thing she did: "Is that ALL you're going to eat?" And the answer is... OF COURSE NOT.

I also got pork chops in honey barbeque sauce. The rice in the picture was all broken up because I dug into it before I remembered to take a picture. Sorry about that. :)

I love porkies.

The pork chops were good. They were still steaming hot so I let them air for a while (what a term, LOL). I don't know; I've never enjoyed eating anything that was still hot from the oven / stove / other cooking appliance. And neither does my Mom; she got my ice cubes to put in her coffee.

Anyway, the pork chops. They were pretty soft, and they tasted a little sweet. This is to be expected when one orders pork with HONEY barbeque sauce, but I've learned that the menu lies occasionally. The salad on the side (which most people I know never eat) was also pretty good.

My Mom got pancakes. In the middle of the night, I know, but this particular place sold breakfast all day. Very oxymoronic, but there you go. Well, the pancakes were WOW. I can't even describe them. Fluffy with milk and who knows what else they put into these things. They made my Mom very happy.

airy pancakesLovely!

I was pretty tired when I got home (still am, in fact) but God still had some other surprises.

I got Skin of the Day on today! My fourth Skin of the Day!

here it is

It must be kind-of stupid to put a screenshot of the skin I'm using on my blog now into my blog. Oh well... :D God's really great. I wasn't expecting this, and didn't think much about submitting it. And it's something to cheer me up after sitting for hours in the hospital.

Anyway, up to here for now. I still have to study a bit more, do my back exercises, and sleep early. Bye!

Daisy on 9/13/2006 09:48:00 PM

Art(?), food, & hospitals
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I haven't been able to blog until now; it's been pretty busy. All these big exams are suddenly popping up like daisies, and I'm running to catch up. Study study study. Gah.

I did do some fun stuff though. Like make a new class attendance sheet for Sunday School.

Is it art? :D

I also got my new speakers, yay! I've had the same speakers since kindergarten and they're just not the way they used to be. I never thought much about it though because I had my headphones, but my sister got me to get new ones.


I've got to say that I'm really awed with technology these days. After setting up my speakers, I was like "WOW! This is better than my old ones!" A duh moment, if you ask me.

I mean, look at one of the speakers. It's so small. It's like I've got my own little alien peeking at me everytime I sit in front of the computer. Whoopee.

My sister and I also found time (somehow) to go to the mall for a heart-to-heart talk while eating one of our most favorite meals in the world.

Chicken McNuggets are the greatest, especially when we halve another cup of rice (because one just isn't enough). The nuggets are always just crispy enough without being dry, and they're wonderful even without the barbecue sauce.

My sister and I enjoy fast food, if you haven't guessed by now. We think McDonalds is a four-star restaurant, har dee har har.

I even cooked while I was away from the computer.

Feast your eyes on... SIKWA!


OK, so that's what we call it in the Philippines. I'm not sure what the name is in the rest of the known world. All I know is it's my mother's favorite vegetable, and it is delicious (though it doesn't look it). Maybe it's all the oyster sauce I put in it, hm...

Anyway, I'll stop on the topic of food and move on to bigger (but not necessarily better) topics.

I went to the hospital yesterday for an x-ray of my back. (You may gasp, possibly. I don't know; when I mentioned it to some people, they were like "Gasp." Strange, yes.) I'm still nineteen years old, so it is abnormal for me to have a back that hurts like I'm a ninety-year-old. My parents were afraid it was scoliosis (a spinal disease) so we tropped to the hospital to stare at my bones.

the machine that helped with the staring

The results aren't out yet, but I'm hoping and praying it's my muscles that's been giving me a bad back since high school. It's going to be so much more complicated if it's the bones.

Oh well, there's no use worrying about that. Better to worry about my studies. X) LOL.

Daisy on 9/11/2006 10:46:00 PM

Survey & stuff about me
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The thoughts that pop into my brain will appear here and there. :D

1. Emphasize all lines that apply to you.
2. Tag five more people after you finish.
3. Let the person you've tagged KNOW that they've been tagged.

HAHA. The third rule is a new one to me.

I wish I was a different ethnicity.
- I love being a descendant of Chinese immigrants in the Philippines. It's fun to be a cultural minority!

I have an eating disorder.
- The only disorder I can think of is enjoying food too much.

I'm short.
- I don't think 5'3" is short.

I'm tall.
- if I'm wearing my high heels. :D

I think I'm really attractive.
- Yup. I'm wonderful in God's eyes.

I prefer winter over summer.
- I think all the seasons are fun, though I only experienced winter once or twice.

I'm a geek.
- it depends what your definition is :D

I'm a shopaholic.
- No. I love to look at things but I hardly buy.

I'm reasonably intelligent.
- I hope so.

I'm attracted to girls.
- For friendship's sake.

I'm attracted to boys.
- Sure. I'm supposed to be.

I like British accents.
- They're just fun. But I won't imitate one.

I smoke regularly.
- No.

I drink regularly.
- once or twice a year seem regular to you? I drink water everyday though. (Haha, Daisy.)

I smoke socially.
- Nope.

I drink socially.
- Yeah, but I prefer wine to beer, and I can't get used to the taste of vodka.

I get drunk easily.
- Nope. One or two glasses are my limit.

I do drugs.
- Only the pharmaceutical kind for colds and stuff. :D

I will never date a bad kisser.
- I've never dated, so we'll see.

I've lied to avoid kissing them again.
- See previous statement.

I brush my hair at least 50 times a night.
- Does that mean brushing one time with a lot of strokes? I brush two or three times maybe.

I'm religious.
- If religion is going to church and doing good stuff to look good or just for tradition, I'm not very religious. I do have a personal relationship with God.

I'm not religious but have morals.
- I believe religion doesn't work because it's a man-made thing. But putting God in the center of your life means everything will be great. :)

I lie frequently.
- I don't think so.

I'm impulsive.
- I occasionally like to cut off my nose to spite my face, but I try to control myself.

I'm hardworking.
- I think so.

I'm good at History.
- Yup, I think History's really cool. I played a lot of educational history games as a kid.

I speak more than two languages.
- Chinese, English, Filipino...

I enjoy taking pictures.
- If you've read my blog, you'll agree. :D

I like spending money on myself.
- But I don't go overboard. I do buy myself birthday and Christmas gifts from me. :)

I like spending money on others.
- Yup.

I have a regular income.
- Not even my allowance is regular. :D

I earn money on a job-by-job basis.
- Very, very few lately because of school.

I pay my own bills.

I rely on my parents for money.
- They wouldn't have it any other way. For now, anyway.

I can cook.
- Yes! One of the best things I learned how to do. :D

I enjoy cleaning.
- Generally, except with my desk (that looks like a bomb hit it XD).

Tidiness is a must in my life.
- Tidiness with plans, affairs, and relationships is a must, but tidiness with my personal things? Not really.

I like clutter.
- if I can still see the floor, yes.

I enjoy Blonde Redhead.
- what's that?

I'm fashion-conscious.
- not really with trends but I wear clothes I like. If you have to wear clothes, why not enjoy it?

I have good taste.
- I hope so.

People tell me I have good taste.
- But should I believe them?

I excel academically.
- God makes sure I do.

I'm told I have yet to fulfill my potential.
- A few times, but the way it was meant isn't the way I think.

I'm good at sports.
- Swimming and table tennis, maybe. I'm pretty average.

I'm artistically inclined.
- Oh yeah. Just look at my blog, lol.

I wanna be an artist when I grow up.
- I wanted to be a writer actually.

I wanna be an engineer when I grow up.
- I'm taking Chemical Engineering, so I'll probably be one.

I eat when I'm upset.
- No.

I cannot adapt to change.
- I've been in six schools since elementary. What do you think?

I'm interested in politics.
- In my country? If the major players acted better, I would be. But there are some politicians I respect.

I have shoplifted.
- No.

I download MP3s.
- but only to see what a CD's like before I buy it. If I like the songs, I'll even buy the CD off the internet.

I've done underage drinking.
- Yes but nothing serious.

I've gone underage clubbing.
- But I didn't really enjoy it. I prefer to go to places you can talk with people and see the food you're eating.

I can dance reasonably well.
- Reasonably being the operative word.

I can dance extremely well.
- My sister does. I know, I know, who was asking, Daisy?

I dance like a cardboard gorilla.
- Cardboard can move?

I can sing.
- Sure. Everyone can.

I sing like someone stepped on my foot.
- No way.

I can swim.
- I've swum most of my life.

I enjoy surveys.
- Maybe.

I enjoy surveys when I'm bored.
- It doesn't really matter.

I keep a journal.
- for my Bible reading

My teachers don't like me.
- It's been seven years since I've met one who doesn't like me.

I enjoy controversy.
- I don't if it hurts people's lives.

I can be a bitch/bastard.
- No.

I have a thing for bad boys/girls.
- Interesting to talk to, but not my type.

I have tattoos.
- I don't have any because I'm afraid I'll regret the design in my older years.

I've been in a nudist colony.
- In the Philippines? Are you serious?

I'm not sure if I want to have children.
- I want to at the right time.

I'm not sure if I'll get married.
- I'd love to marry the right guy at the right time, but life's never certain, is it?

I know who I will marry.
- I'll marry the right guy for me.

I'm interesting.
- People seem to think so.

I'm a good liar.
- I used to be.

People enjoy talking to me.
- I think so. Any objections? :D

I annoy people from time to time.
- Probably my sister the most. :)

I'm a born leader.
- People think so.

I enjoy felching.
- What's that?

I have a foot fetish.
- Nah.

I have a shoe fetish.
- I'm not that obsessed with shoes.

I don't think Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty.
- I think she is pretty AND original. :D

I wanna be J.Lo.
- No. I'm happy being me.

I cut myself.
- No. I preferred to emotionally flog myself.

I've cut myself.
- No.

I hate people who pretend to be suicidal.
- I don't hate them, but I pity them.

I hate popular people.
- Some of them can be pretty cool.

I think cheerleading is a sport.
- At least the way they did it in my old high school.

I'm photogenic.
- I don't break mirrors with my smile, at least.

I live in Chucks.
- wear maybe, but I love my heels too much to throw them away.

I think graffiti is art.
- if it's tasteful.

I have dated a criminal.
- I've never dated. Period.

I have been cheated on.
- Sure, but not in the dating game.

I have cheated on someone.
- A long time ago, but not on the dating game

I have a temper.
- I used to but it occasionally resurfaces.

I like playgrounds.
- to sit around in. When I was a kid, someone had to teach me how to use the playground.

I dance in the rain.
- unless the water level's so high that I can't see the ground. I've fallen into a ditch I didn't see once, and it's not pretty.

I'm obsessed with Shakespeare.
- Not obsessed, but I appreciated him.

I have tanlines.
- I'm just white.

My favorite color is pink.
- I don't have a favorite color.

My favourite color is black.
- See previous point.

I would classify myself as emo.
- People seem to think so.

I'm musically inclined.
- Yup! I play the violin, piano, keyboard, guitar...

I like listening to music.
- Oh yeah. I'm listening right now.

I like music-blasting cars.
- No, it's sound pollution.

Thongs are comfortable.
- I've never tried it.

I like flip-flops.
- They're comfy but I'll only wear them if everyone's in casuals.

I know what monogamy is...and I believe in it.
- Yes. There would be less trouble in the world if everyone believed in it and took it seriously too.

I wanna be a social worker when I grow up.
- I think I'm becoming an engineer.

I have sibling/s.
- One sister, and a lot of adopted brothers/sisters who are really close friends.

My sibling/s annoy me.
- It's unavoidable when you see each other all the time, but I love her to bits and she knows it.

I think "South Park" is funny.
- Sometimes, they are, and sometimes, they're just crude.

I believe in LOVE.
- I really do.

OK, so I'm tagging five people hm... Hazel, Huiwen, Cathe, Samantha, & Kathleen. If you guys don't feel like doing that, that's fine with me too. :D

I think that could be a post now.

Daisy on 9/07/2006 06:04:00 PM

Superman & the flood
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Whee games!

My mom sent me a really cool e-mail a few days ago. It was a game promoting the movie Superman Returns. You're a photographer trying to get great pictures of Superman flying in the air for the newspaper. Of course, he zips by the cityline so fast that you'll have to be just as quick.

And there he goes!

After you finish all your shots (or the time limit ends, whichever comes first), your shots get graded.

Sometimes, it's good and sometimes, you miss him entirely.

I got a close-up of him a few times. :D

There are five levels, and they get a little harder each time (as levels are supposed to do). Superman flies by faster, and the time limit ends earlier. X) Then comes the final score.

I didn't do too badly, did I?

And the funny thing is I've never seen the movie. Join me in my childish antics and play the game here. It's fun! :D

OK, in other breaking news, it rained very hard yesterday. Very hard.

the great flood

Our school is in the middle of one of the worst drainage systems in my place. So when it rains, the canals get clogged up with junk and the water just rises and rises.

Unfortunately, we had gone out to lunch before this all started. So we were stranded by dirty more-than-knee-deep water. Usually, we'd just go right into it. But it was raining pretty hard, and we had no clothes to change into after we got to school. So we waited.

Eventually the rain stopped (I prayed pretty hard, by the way). Then God's rescue came in the form of Edward (a classmate) and his large black pick-up. So we got back to school without getting wet. Whee...

My sister's explaining that we have to go now. So I'll stop. Bye!

Daisy on 9/05/2006 06:41:00 PM

Food, friends, & wrinkles(?)
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A lot of stuff have been happening so I didn't really get the time to post. I made a few blog designs (including the one that's gracing my blog now), went to the mall, studied (seriously), and was busy in church.

Anyway, we had breakfast at a new place today. Well, it technically wasn't new but it was the first time I went there with my family.

chairs and things

bread because every bakery has one

These are not very good pictures, by the way. I always find myself without my camera when I feel like snapping shots. Why is that, I wonder...

But it was a nice place as far as bakeries go. The sunlight filtered in extremely delicate tones on the beautiful wooden... And I shall stop now because that sounded a little too poetic.

We got mini-pies for breakfast.

I know, I got two. But in my defense, my mother got two too.

stirring her coffee confection

I got a pineapple mini-pie and a lemon meringue mini-pie. Yes, those are their actual names.

The pineapple one was great. The crust wasn't too hard and it crumbled just right when I bit it. In other words, it didn't explode into a million tiny pieces right when I stuck my teeth into it.

The lemon meringue one was... well, I don't like meringue much so I forbear from commenting too much on this. I can say the lemon's too sour if you eat it without the meringue though. In other words, it must be perfect with the sweet meringue. :D

On other breaking news, I learned that my skin is starting to wrinkle between my eyebrows (right where my brain is supposed to be if it's there). I fully blame all the squinting I used to do in the years I wandered about with no eyeglasses or contact lens.

Now I spend my time smoothing my brow with my fingertips, hoping those wrinkles will just disappear. OK, so I don't spend my time doing that. It's just too crazy.

My first wrinkles at 19. At this rate, my face will look like a road map when I'm 90.

By the way, my college friends and I finally got a good picture in between classes. But then, we don't take much pictures in the first place. Anyway, here it is. (Note to Hazel: I'll e-mail the full size to you. :D)

I think that was enough blathering to keep everyone bored for a few days, wasn't it? So I'm leaving. Take care, everyone.


By the way, about this blog design. I know Pride & Prejudice came out about a year ago so this would be old news. But I hadn't started making blogskins when the movie came out so I thought "What the heck. I'll do it now and make Jane Austen happy wherever she is." Or not.

I seriously think my brain is not normal.

Daisy on 9/03/2006 05:43:00 PM