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Valentine's eatables & rats' public toilets
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Valentine's Day passed without much mishap (though jokes about singles being shot by a firing squad were wandering around). I had a date... with a (girl)friend who loves strawberry-filled doughnuts as much as I do. We bought different flavors and halved. Aw, how sweet. *wink wink* LOL, I just love Valentine's because of the food.

Some well-meaning friends gave me really good chocolate cake and heart-shaped lollipops. Yummy. :)

On a lighter note, my sister and I finally found out what the yellow stains on our ceiling are. I insisted it was rainwater, and she said it was rats' urine. So we got tickled by the thought of the rats in our house having a public toilet which just happened to be above our heads.

Anyway, my dad lay down on our bed a few hours ago, looked up and announced it was rust. That was a relief.

Daisy on 2/16/2006 12:48:00 AM

Snakes & Lion Kings
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I had some snake for dinner last week. I haven't had it in a long while.

That was a nice way to begin a post, but pretty true. It was kind-of tough (from the cooking, I guess, not the scaly reptile's fault) but the sauce was delicious. I don't know why that seems to make people do double takes when I say it. I guess the shock generally attributed to such a statement is so foreign to me because I have a cousin who specializes in "exotic cuisine" (if you get my drift).

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty relaxed right now. That's something considering the headache I was having from studying a few hours ago. Watching Lion King and its sequel with my cousins in one sitting did the trick though. It was really funny; I think the last time I watched it, my kiddie brain wasn't developed enough to appreciate the little stupid things (which I really see now). Classic Disney movies are such fun! :) Well, any good movie is fun, really.

I've been reading about Harriet Tubman lately. She's this African American who was notorious for helping slaves escape to freedom about the time of the US Civil War. The biography isn't boring; it sometimes seems like a historical novel (which doesn't happen with bios in my experience).

So here's to Mondays! *raises an imaginary glass of imaginary liquor to an imaginary crowd of imaginary proportions*

Daisy on 2/12/2006 10:11:00 PM

Work, work, work
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It's a beautiful Saturday morning. The plan is to wake up with the sun, take a bath, eat breakfast, then pound my brains to death.

I'm having a bad case of writer's block. I'm supposed to pass a speech on Monday and I haven't started yet. It will probably end up totally boring about something officious.

I'm just writing this post to get my brain to start working. I have to be in class in an hour (panic in the streets! Get a speech done in an hour?) and I'm procrastinating painfully.

Maybe I'll write something crazy. Something about peace for the beavers or a call for wider roads so that our horses can pass through without getting their bridles in a twist.

I'm so stupid sometimes. :)

Daisy on 2/04/2006 09:16:00 AM

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I finally found time to actually type out a little blog post. It's been pretty busy lately; my midterms were so-so: some extremely well done, some were OK, and a few were generated out of some of my worst nightmares. Ah well... It's time to try harder, I guess.

There's a saying about winners never losing because even if they lose, they get up and just get on. Or something like that. :D I forget.

Anyway, now that I'm done psychologically psyching myself up (Isn't it weird how those two psych-beginning words look together? Like a profoundly silly quote or something.), it's off to bed, off to bed... (that was an almost direct quote from Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast). :)

** What is it about me and quotes lately? Evidently, my brain doesn't have the power to make up my own fabulously original sayings at the moment.

'Til here then. For now.

Daisy on 2/02/2006 12:48:00 AM