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A completely foodie post
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Long-time readers may have noticed that I haven't typed about food in a while. It's not that I haven't been eating (to the contrary, I assure you), but I guess I've been too lazy to put up food pictures.

Not today. I have so many food pictures to show, you'll get pretty sick of them.

Let's start with Saturday, shall we?

all my sister and I do is eat

"One breakfast steak, please."
"How do you want it cooked? Well done?"
"Medium rare, please."
"Medium rare?"
"Yes, medium rare."
"Medium rare with a little blood?"
"Yes, with a little blood."
"Are you sure?"
I had never realized how hard it was to order breakfast steak. Is it so hard to accept that I want my steaks slightly pink and soft? I mean, some girls do eat things that aren't well done.

Oh, well, moving on. Here's the bloody steak. (And no, that wasn't a curse word. :D)

It was good, by the way. The steak was soft and great even without the gravy.

My sister wasn't as happy with her food though. She got some longganisa (a sausage dish in the Philippines).

She found some hair in it, and it just ruined her appetite. Other than that, it was okay.

We were completely stuffed with some other stuff we'd ordered. And it was supposed to be a snack.

OK, so I've changed my mind. This isn't a totally foodie post. I just had to mention that some of my classmates and I went wall climbing last Sunday.



the rest of us :)

It was actually an activity for PE. It was interesting. It's been a long time since I've done any exercise, and I guess it showed in the trouble it took me to get up the wall.

It was fun, though my arms and other appendages hurt for a few days.

Lunch came after all that exertion. I met up with my family for some together-time.

the gang :)

It was fun drinking rootbeer and testing out a lot of food with them.

I'm getting a little tired of the commentary over this particular meal, so the pictures will have to speak for themselves.

delicious cakes :D

We all agreed that the brownie cheesecake wasn't as good as the Oreo. Ken didn't particularly like the lemon tart, and started asking the rest of us to finish "that horrible cake."

On other news, my Mom came back from Manila a few days ago. She brought a lot of pasalubongs (a Filipino term for gifts for people back home) for my sister and me. Daphne, a great lover of all things with cats on them, got lots of cat things and even a brush for her cat. My Mom said I was harder to get stuff for though.

So what did she get me? Food.

lemon squares that melt in your mouth

lovely lovely egg tarts

beautiful cinnamon rolls

good fudge brownies for my sister and me

puto (steamed muffins that Filipinos always seem to have on holidays)

OK, so the puto was my Mom's, but she insisted that I take a photo since I was taking shots of everything else anyway.

My Mom loves me. :D

Oh yeah, and I've put up a new design as you've probably noticed. I just liked it better than my old one.

screenshot :D

Oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOKIE!!!!! It's her birthday today (won't tell you how old, just ask her). We surprised her with a Bible she liked, and got her sister to put it on her table at home so she wouldn't think it was from us. Whee!

I'm going to get really busy over pre-final exams so I'm not sure when I can update next. Take care, everyone!

Daisy on 2/20/2007 10:47:00 AM

Belated happy valentine's!
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A belated happy valentine's day to everyone who tagged/greeted/posted testimonials on Friendster! I was really busy yesterday and I didn't get the chance to greet anyone (or check my accounts on the Internet).

Valentine's Day was... fun! I got some stuff.

So I got a beautiful fragrant rose from Arn2x, and a red apple (which I ate with peanut butter for dinner) from Suy2x. It was cool of them to give out stuff. I periodically thought of giving people flowers then gave up on the idea.

My Dad also got my Mom a bouquet of red roses. My mom's friends are a little jealous about how my Dad always remembers to do something special for her without anyone reminding him.

It is pretty sweet of them.

My family (excepting me) went to watch a good concert last night, while I went with some friends from church for a Valentine outing. There were people telling stories, fun movie clips, and just a lot of people feeling loved by others and by God. I guess you could say my valentine this year was Jesus. :D

It was cool to remember God's love is perfect. I mean, even if I will probably get a boyfriend one day, he's not going to be great all the time. And I guess that's where God comes in.

I don't know if that made much sense. The way I think is if you love God first, you'll be able to love other people (friends, family, and that future imaginary boyfriend) more than you would on your own.

And that was Valentine's. Moving on, something funny happened last Tuesday. Some friends and I were sitting in my car and listening to music in school. Then a herd of sheep come running into the soccer field beside my car, and start eating the grass like there's no tomorrow.


We all just stared. I mean, we didn't even know there were sheep in our school. Or maybe I didn't know. It was pretty weird though, an experience similar to driving beside a man riding a horse on the road or letting a cow cross the street (both of which have happened to me).

I have loads of other pictures and no time to put them up. I guess I just wanted to update a little bit. Maybe I'll make more time soon. Until then...

Daisy on 2/15/2007 06:57:00 PM

Spin the (white ink) bottle!
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"Who's pretty?" Arn2x spun the white ink bottle on the counter of our laboratory class. We watched the bottle spin until it stopped right between Cookie and me.

We elbowed each other as we both tried to stand where the bottle was pointing.

"OK. So who's pretty (again)?" Arn2x spun the bottle and it pointed just to her right. She quickly took a step toward it then beamed at being pretty.

Then came the killer question.

"So who likes *TOOT*?" Those were Arn2x's exact words, meaning no one knew who she was talking about. We all tensed as the bottle spun then we crouched on the floor like there was a bomb on the table. We eventually peeked out when the coast was clear (read: the bottle stopped spinning) to find it was thankfully not pointing at any of us.

So you can laugh at our expense. But it was fun!

No pictures though; I misplaced my camera phone while it was happening.

Anyway, some of my church friends and I went visiting people in the hospital yesterday.

One of our good church friends had a large cyst taken out, and we went to see her. My grandfather was in for pneumonia too.

It's a bit scary to see everyone there. Many of the patients look pretty miserable, and it's sad. It makes you wonder sometimes why people have to get sick. But I figure life just can't be perfect with sin in it.

There are verses in the Bible about how there will be no sadness in heaven and all our tears will be wiped away. I don't think there'd be any sickness either. That would be wonderful, wouldn't it?

On other breaking news, I went back to the MV Doulos boat (again) last Wednesday. But I was with my mother and some relatives this time. I finally got to eat their lovely lovely LOVELY ice cream!

Beautiful, aren't they?

The last time I was there, they ran out of ice cream so imagine how excited I was! OK, maybe I was too excited but that's how I get with food. My grandmother, my aunt, our pastor, and I had solid creamy wonderful vanilla twirls in plastic cups. Oh yeah!

Daisy on 2/10/2007 09:08:00 AM

Food & new designs :D
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I was sketching a lamppost a few days ago when I figured "why not put it on my blog?" So I scanned it, colored it on Photoshop, and here it is! Though I loved my old design (whose screenshot is somewhere below), I figured it was time for something new.

itty bitty screenshot

It was fun! I might try my hand at drawing again.

Anyway, I have a picture to share. Just one picture because I have to go for a haircut and my Mom will be here in about five minutes.

Teof, Cookie, and my food

I don't know why the picture came out so grainy even after editing. But continu

Cookie got hungry after our last class yesterday so Teof, Cookie, and me ended up across the street in a small "restaurant" (I can't decide if the place deserves the name restaurant.) playing old Tagalog flicks. Cheap and tasty fried chicken, puso (wrapped rice), and an orange-flavored softdrink: yummy.

The company wasn't too bad either. :D

And oh, I'm so thrilled. I just have to share my joy. I GOT PERFECT IN PHYSICS TODAY! The scores are out, whee! I've been having a lot of trouble with Physics so I figure that's cause for celebration.

It was great; all the studying and praying (especially the praying) are paying off. I mean, I've always tried hard in Physics but somehow, my answers are all wrong. But it was different today, thank God. Whee! (Anyone notice how I say whee a lot when I'm super-excited?)

But some people still failed. OK, so I'm thinking of someone but not sure this person would like his/her name to be broadcasted on my blog. Anyway, I'm also bummed about that because I know how worried this person is. I really believe he/she can pass though.

Ah, well. Mom's calling so I'll have to log off now. 'Til next time, oh almost-non-existent readers...

Daisy on 2/07/2007 05:11:00 PM

Catch up on the week
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screenshot belongs to Disney, of course

If you've never seen that movie still before, it's from Disney's Hercules.

Henri and I spent a free hour in school sniffling over Hercules on her iPod. If we had watched the whole thing without skipping, we probably would have cried.

Emotional females, yes.

Anyway, I've had some stuff on my mind lately, and so have not touched my Photoshop program for quite a while. Or even other programs I'd like to play with, for that matter.

I just wanted to take this space on my blog to say that I am not retiring on my skin designs. Since people ask, there it is. I'm just busy.

On other news, the MV Doulos (world's largest book fair that happens to be a missionary ship) is docked in our area so I've been there to buy books with friends. It was hot and crowded, but we had fun. And obviously, I bought some books (about 10 or so), and even found some CDs I've been wanting that no one sells in the Philippines. Yay!

I've wanted these CDs for more than a year! The album by Bart Millard was especially cool because it came in a dual-disc (meaning one side plays on a CD player and the other on DVD). No one sells dual-discs here, so I was properly fascinated. I ignorantly turned the CD over and over a number of times.

It was so hard to find those CDs, but I guess it's my fault for always listening to unknown artists that aren't playing on the radio.

That's all for now. Bye, everyone!

Daisy on 2/05/2007 05:55:00 PM