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A pictureless post
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I misplaced my card reader, guys. You know, the rectangular box I plug my cellphone's memory card in so I can get the pictures into the computer.

I also misplaced the wire that connects to my digital camera.

So no pictures. Sad really, I had a lot of them to put up. Boo hoo.

Anyway, I've been busy again since I've been gone. I attended four or five parties (lost count), a sleepover, hung out with a friend from high school, ate enormous amounts of food, banged out a 2509-word story on my computer, and watched two Christmas movies. I was also never home at night, made my room even more of a mess than it already is (which is why I've misplaced things), and watched nine-year-old basketball reruns.

It's a great vacation.

So about the old friend. Yesterday, Adam (whose blog you will find on my Great Clicks menu on the right if you could just you know, look right) and I were supposed to meet up but I didn't think I could leave my grandmother's house. So he showed up at said house. I think he had fun (well, he said he did, but he might be lying) with my relatives, and my relatives had er, fun with him. At least we got to talk and hang out for ten hours or so. It was fun. Seriously.

We're actually having a church camp now, and I'd normally be camped out with the rest. But due to homework and my room that looks like a bomb hit it, I come home at night to do something about them. So that's what I'm doing now. Really.

This post is a break of sorts.

I'm almost glad I don't have any pictures so you guys won't see my room. Gah.

Oh yeah, a belated merry christmas to everybody! I wasn't on the computer a lot the past week so didn't really greet anyone. It was a great Christmas though. I don't believe Jesus was born on December 25 but it's still a great time to remember and thank Him for showing up and saving us.

Daisy on 12/28/2006 11:39:00 PM

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School ended yesterday, oh yeah! This means more sleep, getting back to Photoshopping, catching up with my Christmas shopping list, and... well, just more time doing great stuff.

Yeah, I still have the unique aversion to school normally found in preschoolers. It's not the school's fault but all my relatives are like that. Maybe we're just wired that way?

Anyway, our last Organic Chemistry Laboratory was cool. Nerve-wracking, too. I mean, we broke a stirring rod (long glass stick) when Cookie, my lab partner, poked at a cork that wouldn't come out. Then as Zyx and I washed our round bottom flasks companionably, he elbowed my glass funnel into the sink and broke it.

Henri and Joni dropped their beaker, and Galai swept her glass tube into the sink. Needless to say, we paid for a lot of delicate stuff last Friday.

Lookie at the complex-looking distillation thingamajig!

The goal last Friday was not to break as much equipment as possible, but to make aniline. Aniline is a poisonous carcinogenic (read: causes cancer) substance that can be gotten from benzene... yada yada yada. I am mindful that most people who check this blog are not very chemistry-oriented so will not appreciate the long-winded discussion.

Moving on, it was fun. I mean, watch Cookie smile.

That's my lab partner.

We ended up with a little more aniline (ok, twice the amount *blush*) than Arn2x & Zyx got. Cookie and I theorize our equipment had high self-esteem so they made more aniline for us. I mean, we sang edited Christmas songs to them ("The weather outside is frightful, and the water here is boiling but since the burner's turned down low, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow..."), held them, talked to them, and even took pictures of them.

Weird, you say? Think of all those people who talk to their plants. :)

the aniline's at the bottom

Making aniline is dangerous though; I read on the internet that most schools don't even make it. So don't do this at home, folks. The fumes are poisonous and the experiment stinks.

On other breaking news, we finished up our schoolwork yesterday with a bang. No, not the experiments but a Christmas party at my grandma's house.

It was great fun. Our whole college batch is made up of about 40-50 crazy people who were bound to have a good time. We're also pretty thrifty which is why I ended up in the kitchen with some of my classmates cooking up the party food (which is cheaper than buying out). The food was pretty good though; it surprised us.

The games we had were a riot. It did start raining in the middle of the party but since all the games left were in the pool, no one minded. People who refused to swim because they would get wet under the rain were properly smacked. I didn't swim but I was pretty tired after all the cooking and running around.

I'll detail more of this in my next post because I have no pictures yet. I have to get them off my friends first. If you're impatient, Cookie has some of them on her blog now though.

Oh yeah, I did a Christmas skin today. It's not my best work but after not skinning for a month, it'll take a while to get back in the groove of things.

See it here.

So I guess I'd better get some sleep now. Good night. :)

Daisy on 12/21/2006 01:14:00 AM

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Just to let you know I haven't gone and died or anything remotely serious.

I'm back in my hometown now with so many pictures. It's almost too overwhelming to blog it all (which is why I've been procrastinating). So here are a few shots.

how I found out people had died back home

The weekend we were in Singapore, a typhoon struck the northern part of our country. This is the third typhoon this year (four if you count the one that showed up this week), and it's sad. A lot of people have lost everything. It's something to pray about.

My aunt & our chicken rice meal
3 am, Orchard Road Hawker Center

CHICKEN RICE! IT'S SO GOOD IT MAKES ME TYPE IN CAPITAL LETTERS! Seriously though, this was my aunt's first time to the Lion City so my Mom and I kept going "We've got to get her some chicken rice. Her visit isn't complete without chicken rice." Maybe other people don't agree with us. This was the best meal on our trip though. It was (relatively) cheap, tasty, and fun.

I mean, we have chicken rice here in restaurants offering Singaporean cuisine but it's just not the same.

Who's got the patience to make this?

Anyone who's been to Jurong Bird Park ever notice the stained glass masterpiece above the ticketing counter? I just had to take a shot.

Come to think of it, I just had to take shots of a lot of birds and animals all over Sentosa, the Bird Park, and the Zoo.

a butterfly

little birds in Sentosa

We were surprised at how friendly the birds were in the parks. I guess people must feed them. Sadly, birds back home have learned to stay away from us human beings.

They look sleepy.

Look at him go!

Wave at the elephant (and its trainer too).


Aside from seeing the sights, there was, of course, the shopping. My Mom, my aunt, and I scoured a lot of places in search of the almost-perfect shoe / blouse / skirt / bag / make-up / other stuff that seemed worth buying. The last shopping trip we had before leaving Singapore was about seven hours, and the ones before that were longer.

This is why I ended up seeing a Christmas tree littered with Barbie dolls in Raffles City.

See the plastic legs poking out?

There were other photos and times, but I'm too lazy to post it all and some of the other pictures weren't that great. All in all, it was fun and just the break I needed. I thank God for giving us the time to do something like that. I only regret not meeting some of my friends over there because of bad timing.

I've been busy the whole week though. My friends and I made a birthday video full of messages, photos, music, and sweet sentiments for Joni, a great friend who went home since we had no class. She's been living in a boarding house over here, and had no idea we'd ship her a surprise on her birthday yesterday. I slept late a lot over that video but it was worth it.

I guess I have to go now. I might talk more if I have the time. :D Bye, everyone!

Daisy on 12/09/2006 05:29:00 PM

Hey! Guess what?
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Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in Singapore! I'm actually typing in the hotel behind my hotel because they have cheaper Internet rates. :D

Whee, this is the first time I've updated my blog in another country. OK, in another computer for that matter.

No pictures today though; I didn't think I'd find a computer here so I didn't bring the USB connections of my camera and mobile phones.

Everything's real fun so far. We went to Sentosa yesterday, and shopped in Raffles City. It was fun to get back here; it's been a long time.

I didn't have time to send anyone I knew here (over the internet or in real life) any messages until I got here, so I'm not sure if I can meet up with any of them. To all those people I sent messages too though, I just want to say that if you guys are busy, it's fine. I realize I didn't give much notice because I'm crazy. :D

But you know what my favorite thing about Singapore is? I love the big glass bowl of candy at the immigration counter with the words "Welcome to Singapore Changi Airport" printed on it. The candy flavors change every time I'm here.

Well, guess that's all for now. Pictures will pop on my posts when I get back home. My Mom and Aunt are here now, so we're off for more shopping and sightseeing. Bye and take care, everyone!

Daisy on 12/02/2006 09:57:00 AM