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Words Are Not Enough

I'm actually beginning the third week of my semestral break now. And I haven't mentioned it because it's overwhelming to post about. Overwhelming in the sense that I've been doing so much stuff every day, and it's just hard to keep posting about it with pictures and whatnot.

Plus I got this strange feeling every time I tried typing stuff: I felt like I was just repeating myself. I couldn't find new ways to describe what I'd been eating, and doing, and who I'd been seeing. And I dislike repeating myself.

Thus, I just decided to summarize my past two weeks with some well-placed photos. And so, here it is!

My semestral break has been awesome so far. I've been bumming on the beach --- which is clear by my previous posts --- and have been there multiple times with different people.

One of my favorite things these days is to lie on a lounge chair in the stifling heat and fall asleep.

I didn't want to keep repeating myself every single time I went to the beach, so here are some photos that speak for themselves.

I was actually staying in at a nearby hotel with my Mom and sister. It was fun. Not to mention the hotel had a humongous breakfast spread.

I ate all that and then some.

Another favorite thing I've acquired is eating breakfast with honey and drizzling the sticky sweet substance on almost everything: my tea, pastries, breads, oatmeal...

And speaking of food, I decided to just round up some photos of the more memorable eating experiences of the past two weeks.

Japanese bacon roll thingamajigs

These weren't that great for me, but I'm not a bacon lover. Those who were with me who did like bacon said it was awesome though. And the picture made it look pretty delicious, thus its inclusion here.

Beef steak my friends and I had on another beach

The steak wasn't perfect but it was delicious. I guess it had something to do with where we were eating too: under a beach umbrella with the sea breeze going through my hair and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. I think most everything would taste good while eating at such a setting.

An accidental feast cooked up with college friends

"Whose birthday is it?" my friend, Cookie, wanted to know. We were supposed to just be making ourselves pizzas. Then someone contributed the linguine, and another brought the drinks, and another brought the fried rolls, and another brought the fresh chickens, and another... You get the idea.

We couldn't finish the food but we had fun trying.

Speaking of friends, I got to catch up with lots of them over the break.

Angel, a buddy since Daphy (my sister who is also in this picture) was born, and I got to catch up.

We missed each other. Angel's real busy becoming the World's Greatest Nurse and that sometimes means not leaving her schoolbooks for weeks at a time. It was cool to get to talk.

April, another childhood friend and secret(?) blog reader

April and I were classmates / schoolmates in six of the seven schools I've attended throughout my twenty or so years. We're not classmates anymore, but we still try to do stuff (read: eat or watch videos) when we have the time.

Then there were my college friends...

...who went swimming! We also swam another time which I'll elaborate on when I get the pictures --- *cough* when my friend, Henri e-mails them *cough* --- but suffice to say, I have acquired a tan.

We ate out too.

Me and Henri

We both went out today with my sister and a cousin to watch --- go ahead and roll your eyes at us old biddies --- High School Musical 3. It was corny but fun. The sort of movie that's just very feel-good without trying to be high-brow (which is why I didn't take the bad reviews too seriously). The songs were cool, the dances were wild, and we laughed ourselves silly a number of times.

We also laughed about how we seemed to be the only non-minors in the theater. We had half a mind to get Daphy acting like an eleven-year-old and pretending we were babysitters.

Daphy and I also went shopping.

We tried on a lot of clothes, and enjoyed walking around the malls without any real purpose. Though we did make a huge dent in our Christmas shopping list.

And lastly, I worked on a short story.

It isn't finished yet --- still lots of kinks to be edited out --- but it was something different and fun to do. I won't talk about it much unless it comes to anything in the future, but I'm glad I got to create characters and make them do things in my head.

I did do lots of other stuff but these are the more relevant parts.

And now I'm so sleepy that my eyes won't see straight. I'm going to bed.

By the way, will be on a trip for the next ten days or so. I'll post on it when I get back. Bye!

Daisy on 10/28/2008 02:22:00 AM