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I'm Taking A Break
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With my blog, that is.

You guys have all probably noticed how long I have been posting less often. I've been trying to keep to my posting schedule but I'm just really overwhelmed. Scanning the pictures, placing borders, and even finding the words get more difficult as the time passes by.

Guess it all started when my grandfather died. Not that I'm down in the dumps about it; I'm pretty happy he's gone to heaven actually. It's just that his death reminded me to pay more attention to people and my relationships. This led to me spending more time with my living grandparents, parents, friends, and all my other loved ones who I don't connect on a computer with. And since I'm about to end the fourth year of my five-year college education, the pace is also stepping up like crazy. I hardly have time to sleep these days --- I never mentioned how I fell asleep on the wheel during a particular long sleepless bout, and woke up in the other lane, have I? --- and I've had to cut out loads of things so I can keep my more important un-school-related commitments.

Which is why I'm bowing out of blogging for now. I will still answer comments --- and by all means, drop me a line if you'd like to, and even email me to check up on things --- but there won't be any new posts until... Well, until posting doesn't seem like just another chore anymore. Until I don't dread posting so much.

My friends with blogs (Catherine, Linda, Henri, Cookie, Claire, and some others) need not fear: just because I won't be blogging anymore doesn't mean I won't be interacting on their blogs. On the contrary, not worrying so much about my own posts will free up time so I can actually read their blogs.

I really need the break. Hopefully, I'll be back with a clear head on my shoulders.

Take care, everyone!

Daisy on 1/16/2009 11:09:00 PM