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A Very Chinese Dinner

I haven't blogged per my usual schedule because I'm overwhelmed. I have so much I want to post about, and so many pictures to edit that I just shut down and don't feel like doing it anymore.

A real procrastinator, that's what I am.

So all the pictures in my "to blog" folder have been eating at me so here I am.

I've been posting a lot on food lately so I started thinking about what kinds of food people would find interesting to look at. I checked my statistics and since most visitors here are from America, I figured a normal meal had by my very Chinese self would interest most of you.

And so let's continue, dear Reader, with this very Chinese dinner I partook of with wooden chopsticks.

My uncle and the pretty dishes.

Daphy (my sister) and my Mom were also around.

And let me introduce you to my aunt and my maternal grandmother.

We all just wanted to spend some time together, and well, eating's a good excuse as any.

It was a cool restaurant.

It was in a hotel nearby and very authentic. We were looking forward to the food. We started with the appetizers.

Crunchy cucumber sticks with garlic and minced spicy chicken.

My grandmother announced that the cucumber sticks were delicious. I agreed, but preferred the spicy chicken.

Then came the soup.

Minced beef with tofu

The soup was great. The beef added flavor, and the tofu was nice and chewy. I don't really like tofu, so the fact that I liked the soup is saying something.

Roasted chicken in rose wine

I didn't have much to say about the chicken but it was all right. Maybe we should have gotten the Hainanese chicken my mother originally suggested...

Sweet and sour pork

The pork wasn't the usual dimsum style. It was crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. The sauce was just tangy enough, and it was pretty good overall. We even ate the pineapple bits and onion rings that came along with it.

Vegetables with yam, I think

I say I think because in my bout of procrastination, dear Reader, I've forgotten this dish's exact name on the menu. I do remember it was a vegetarian dish though. The pastry crust --- sort of the kind you find on spring rolls --- was perfectly browned and not too oily. The vegetables were a good combo and created an interesting flavor.

Noodles with beef

I had doubts about including this dish because it didn't look too good. It was really delicious though so I guess that could make up for it.

Cod fish fillet

This was the unanimously favored dish of the night. The fish disappeared pretty quickly and who could blame us? The fillet was chewy inside and not dry at all (my one great peeve with fried fish fillets). The outer crust was a bit crumbly and almost crunchy. The sauce was also pretty good.

We were getting full but no one thought of missing dessert.

Coconut ice cream with chocolate syrup and whatnot

I'm not sure how this tasted since I dislike coconut. My sister said it was fabulous though.

Mango with pearl sago

This is the usual dessert in Chinese parties. For those who don't know what sago is, I linked that term to Wikipedia. It's a bit like tapioca if that helps. We usually include vanilla ice cream and mango puree with it.

It's really delicious. The mango flavor is great and the ice cream makes it creamy.

Red bean cakes

These were also pretty cool. They had an unsurprisingly beany taste with really cool cream.

After being stuffed, we comforted our bloated tummies with oolong tea.

Check out the glass --- or maybe it's glass-looking fiber? --- teapot.

I think I drank a whole teapot of it by myself and paid for it by increased trips to the bathroom.

The meal was worth it though. I like having Chinese meals now and then to remember my heritage. Though my cousins and I do get a bit sick of it sometimes: that's when we convince our grandmother to just get us pizza!

Daisy on 10/24/2008 04:36:00 PM