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New York, New York
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Apparently, I was really not supposed to update yesterday. After setting up my internet connection (yay!), my cellphone full of photos then conked out. This gadget that could rival my own digital camera took hours to charge so posting was left until the next day.

I guess that just means there’ll be more to talk about.

So why set up a new internet connection? It’s the new house’s fault.

That’s right. I’m in a new house now, and it’s cool.


My aunt moved us to her house a few days ago, and we’ve been zipping around Manhattan since then.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I think I’d better start with the zoo.

Strangely, I have never been to the Bronx Zoo even after coming to this side of the world a lot of times. It was fun looking at all the animals, and taking their pictures when they happened to stare at me or strike a pose.

Roar? :)

My very dismayed cousin asked me why no one thought these dogs were cute.

There were a lot more photos but I’ll probably just put them up in my DeviantArt account instead of posting them again here.

We also went to the American Museum of Natural History. We came in and were greeted by the tallest dinosaur (bones) I’ve ever seen.

It took a lot of shots to get a picture of it I was satisfied with. It’s so hard to cram everything into the camera’s frame.

Anyway, this was fun too but in a different way. Many of the animals we’d seen the day before were here, and stuffed this time around. I guess that’s how life is: alive one day, and dead the next.

I asked my cousin if she missed home yet.

She thought for a while then said “I miss my dogs.”

“How about your parents?” I asked.

She thinks some more.

“Oh, I miss them too.”


Anyway, Manhattan. We took one of those red double-decker buses, and went downtown. It was really interesting watching all the people pass by with different nationalities and outfits. It’s pretty contradicting too; ladies cross the street in small tube dresses while others wear thick jackets. Funny.

the tour

We later walked a few blocks for what is supposedly New York’s best cheesecake. I’d walk a few blocks for that.

Lovely, isn’t it?

It was good: just the right amounts cream and cheese. For some reason though, I ordered a slice of cherry cheesecake which I know I didn’t like. And then, I scraped most of the preserves off the cake.

Irrational behavior, really. I should have ordered a plain slice.

Considering the age range of my cousins, we ended up checking a few toy stores. And boy, was it fun! (Yes, this is a 19-year-old talking.)

I mean, no toy store where I come from would have a ferris wheel in it, would it?


I guess that’s Toys R’ Us for you. We basically went around looking at tall pirates and the Empire State Building made out of Legos. Was it cool? Definitely.

Looks a little like Jack Sparrow, doesn’t he?

King Kong!

We also explored FAO Schwarz, another toy store. My sister and my cousin bought teddy bears. And what did the rest of us do?

My cousins are calling for playing fun board games now. So I leave you with one more picture to salivate over.

This was my cousin’s burger, actually, and I never bit into it. But it looks good!

I really want to change my blog design but I don't know how to work out HTML on my Mac LOL. I find the Mac's version of Notepad confusing. Oh well, hope I get the hang of it soon.

Daisy on 4/25/2007 11:45:00 PM

Update from America
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I'm on the other side of the world at the moment (New Jersey to be exact). My cousins and I still can't believe we're here. Basically, we've just been going places and eating a lot of delicious food.

We also went to a basketball game to cheer for my cousin's favorite team, the New Jersey Nets!

tickets to the game!

the empty court

I have better pictures but they're in my camera, and I didn't bring the software to connect my cam to the computer LOL.

Anyway, the game was fun though I pretty much slept through the first half. My only excuse is that I'm not much of a basketball fan. I did stay awake in the third and fourth quarters though when the game started to heat up. It was just so cool watching the players pass to each other and make all the three-pointer shots. And the best part? The New Jersey Nets won! Oh, yeah!

We've also been eating and shopping. We haven't been doing much since some of my cousins are having a little jetlag.

the cousins at CostCo

We did go to CostCo two days ago just to look around. We also ate pizza.

lovely pizza

The pizza was delicious. I loved the mushrooms.

I need to type a little faster now since it's time for breakfast.

Anyway, last night, we headed for Arthur's Tavern. It was the most Americanized restaurant I've been to.

Checkered red tablecloths, and large portions. Yup, very American.


The steak was good. Considering I wanted medium rare, it was cooked just right. The meat was juicy with just a bit of blood.

I'm nothing against these huge American servings though. I can never finish food comfortably; I ordered the Junior SIrloin serving and finished really full. My cousins ordered steaks twice as big and had to bring some home in doggie bags.

Well, it's a new day today. I think we're going to the zoo or something like that.

Bye, everyone! Until next time!

Daisy on 4/20/2007 09:27:00 AM

And I'm in Hong Kong! :D
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It's Hong Kong, ladies and gentlemen!

And my cousins and I are in Hong Kong! Daphy (my sister), KD, Ken, Jon, Chris, and me arrived here last night on our way to America for family visits and some cousinly bonding. It's been real fun so far.

Hello from us over burgers and fries!

Imagine the joy of finding out there's free Wifi all over the airport. I can blog!

Just quickly though since I'm still saving on battery, and I guess I just wanted to let everyone know where I am.

Chrissy and me on the plane

We stayed over at our uncle's house last night, and are at the airport (again) waiting for our flight to New York.

We also had this amazingly huge dimsum breakfast at a cool restaurant in a high-rise tower. Everything tasted so good that I forgot to take shots until we were done eating! :)

Here we are!

It's really unusual being here with all of them. It's a pretty big responsibility too; I'm the leader and hold all the passports.

Daphy and me (or me and my second-in-command)

Sorry that my writing's pretty helter-skelter at the moment; my fries are waiting.

So anyway, until next time (probably on the other side of the world)!

Daisy on 4/17/2007 12:24:00 PM

Back from my trip!
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It is seriously great to be back though it took a while to get around to updating my blog.

Maybe I lost the blogging habit. Or maybe because it took me days to learn how to really use my new computer since I've never used a Mac before. It was worth learning though; the resolution and the speed my new computer runs in is much better than my old one.

And my Photoshop program has finally been upgraded!

Well, computer talk aside, the trip to Baguio with friends from church was really great.

It was fun hanging with them and getting to know each other even better. We went to all the tourist spots, stocked up on Baguio's delicacies, and helped each other buy pasalubongs (Tagalog term for gifts to bring home to people when traveling).

We learned about God's love during the meetings, and about how wonderful it is to have Him in our lives. I guess the biggest thing we all learned was that we, as followers of Christ, were living testimonies of Jesus. A lot of people would only know Jesus through the way we acted, so we have to be careful in the way we live.

And it's true. There are a lot of people with no respect for Christians because they've met some of them who don't walk what they talk. And that's really sad because I've learned having a great and loving God in my life gives it real meaning and joy.

We also took a lot of pictures.

In fact, I'm going to tell a story.

Here's a photo of me and some friends: Dexter and Angel. Mercy and Marc were behind the digital camera. It was about 11 pm and we were on the third floor of our apartelle.

Then we all got bored of the generic stand-in-a-group picture. So Dexter suggested we jump. Seriously.

That wasn't right...

and neither was this.

This was about the time my three-inch-or-so heels made my feet hurt. So we stopped to rest in our pursuit of the perfect picture.


This was also about the time people from other churches started to pass by, and we started to feel embarrassed. But since we'd already started; we might as well finish, right?

Um, no.

Why don't we change places?

And then... TADA!

Angel, Dexter, and I jump for joy

My cousin Ken thinks it bears a disturbing resemblance to High School Musical. We weren't thinking about that.

Ken and me

We also enjoyed everything nature had to offer in Baguio. It was just really pretty. Just check my DeviantArt account for some of the best shots I got. Some of them aren't up yet though.

Most people who check this blog are aware of the photos I often take of my food. I'm a bit too lazy to put them all up though, so I'll just show you my favorite dessert while we were in Baguio.

Fresh strawberries in rich cream topping a slice of pineapple... Mmmm. It was close to heaven, dear readers. I practically scraped off every dollop of cream from my plate.

I guess that's it for now. I'm tired of posting photos, and the soup I'm cooking is waiting for me at the kitchen.

Oh, look forward to a new layout on this blog soon. I'm getting tired of this one, and I'd like to change it before we head on another trip again.

Bye, everyone, and take care!

Daisy on 4/11/2007 06:10:00 PM