This is me.
Because I Love Them
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I love my family oodles.

Here we are smiling into cyberspace.

Which is why I am actually attempting the impossible day I'll be having tomorrow.

Tomorrow will begin at almost 4 am when my family and I will catch a plane for Manila, our country's capital. We will then spend hours arranging things for an upcoming trip: papers, schedules, and the like. After this, we will fly home at about 2 pm, and I will run (not literally, of course) to school to take a major exam at 4:30. Then there's studying, reading assignments, and a Bible Study meeting.

I will also be passing some extracurricular requirements at 6 pm, and making a large report for one of my classes before bedtime.

I'm really praying the plane and other appointments don't get delayed. I also hope I'll get some studying done on the plane(s) tomorrow.

At least I got excused from my other classes. :D

Daisy on 9/26/2007 07:40:00 PM

Why I Haven't Been Online As Much
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Some people wonder why I have taken a bit longer (maybe two days or so) to answer their replies. Or why I haven't made as many blog designs or why my Friendster account is not checked as often as it used to be.

So. Why?

stock photo by Dez Pain, by the way

1) I'm trying to do better in school and become more responsible with my commitments as the batch treasurer & financial committee head of the Council. Classes have been throwing lots of exams, assignments, and complicated projects the past few weeks, and I'm tired. It's all fun (and occasionally mindbending) work. but it's also time-consuming.

For instance, I was in school at 7:30 am yesterday. I made shampoo and liquid detergent in lab class, had a moderately difficult exam in the next class, and a grueling lecture. I then helped out with our bulletin presentation for a school event, and finally left school at 9 in the evening.

2) I'm reading more. I just finished a really good book called Balancing Your Family, Faith, & Work by Pat Gelsinger about being busy with stuff in life for a purpose. I often make long to-do lists and run myself ragged to complete them, so this book resonated with me. It reminded me that there's so much more I can do with my life than what I'm doing now. Besides, life is short, so why waste any of it doing things that have no real value?

I have more books on my nightstand: Walt Disney's biography, books on knitting stuffed animals, & a dragon trilogy among other things. I've also found some interesting e-books.

So yes, I've been reading.

3) I've been learning to draw & design better.

This involves reading about drawing and designing in books and on the internet. I've also been taking a lot of online tutorials, and experimenting with the way I usually make things.

I regularly lurk on DeviantArt. I love looking at what people can come up with for art's sake, and some amazing ones lend me inspiration for my own stuff. I also submit a few tidbits in my own account.

4) I've been improving my relationships. Time I'd usually spend on the computer have been spent with my family, friends, and God instead. It's pretty rewarding, actually. I'm closer with my family and friends, and spending time with God in prayer or reflection over the Bible brings me real peace.

This doesn't mean I will stop replying to people or designing blogs and whatnot. It just means I'm trying to balance my time so I can do what I couldn't do otherwise. :)

So I guess that's it for now.

And yes, dear Reader, you can expect photos and my usual escapades on the next post.

Thanks for reading!

Daisy on 9/19/2007 07:34:00 PM

Dear Daphy
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Ehem. *cricks my fingers and palms for extra effect* Let's begin.


My little sister is 18 now, and I can't believe it. I can't believe I was busy doing homework at midnight today, forgetting to greet you until you mentioned all the people who had already called and greeted you.

eating (with me) as always

So much has changed (we're bigger now, obviously), but so much has stayed the same too. You're still one of the first people who will hear my secrets, rants against reckless drivers, and crazy dreams. You're still the person I will laugh with about stupid jokes because our combined humor is infinitely superior (read: sillier and more morbid) to anyone else's. Rather, they don't think what we laugh at is funny but I'm glad we have the same line of thought.

I remember looking at you when you had a certain expression on your face, and immediately getting what you were thinking. It pleases you that you can do the same thing. I bet we'll be doing that a lot.

I love how enthusiastic you are about relaxing. I remember how you tried to teach your sister-with-workaholic-tendencies how to sleep while it's raining outside. Without you, I don't think I'd enjoy the simple things.

I love how you always get me to watch dance movies with you. I love how you love to dance, period. You do know what makes you happy, don't you?

Thank you for always being the first to call me out when I've done or said the wrong thing.

What else can I say without making this post overly long?

Happy birthday, Daph. May your year be wonderful and full of blessings. May you learn new things, and keep happy. Love you, Meme.

Daisy on 9/16/2007 04:53:00 PM

What DOES happen?
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the silly sisters (or Daphy & me)

"Achi?" Daphne asks, using the Chinese phrase for older sister she often uses.

"Yes?" My eyes are trained on the road since I'm driving in rush hour, but I'm listening.

"Singers sing in concerts, right?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, what happens if they're singing or doing whatever they do on stage, and they really really want to sneeze?" I turn my head to stare at her in fascination.


"What happens if they want to sneeze? They can't, right?" Daphne looks like she really wants an answer.

So what does happen?

My sister's turning 18 in a few days. Apparently, these are the deep questions in life one asks when approaching adulthood.

Daisy on 9/14/2007 08:45:00 AM

Reese, Doggie Extraordinaire
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This could also be titled How I Became A Dog-Lover. Or My Dog Has Long Hair.

Before this personable bundle of cuteness knocked me over, I had a history of awkwardness with the canine species. This includes being chased by them, being jumped on, shouting at them, being barked at, etcetera, etcetera.

I really hated them. And that made it hard to live with my Dad and my sister, proud owners of eight dogs.

But all that changed with Reese.

looking over his shoulder at me, as always

When he first arrived, I gave him a wide berth. I even wore the thickest slippers I owned so that I wouldn't feel him licking my toes. It didn't discourage him though; he kept following my sister and me around.

I don't know; I guess I was afraid he'd bite me. Instead, he grew on me.

I was a goner the first time he jumped into my lap with that big grin of his.

Sorry, no grin here. It takes ages for him to look up at the camera.

They say dogs are loyal, but I never learned to appreciate it until now. When I'm home, he's always around me. Late nights studying are spent with him trying to keep awake by my feet. Never mind if his basket's cozy; he won't sleep until I do.

When I get out of bed to use the bathroom at 3 am, he has to peek in the door.

He is innately curious. When the guy who fixed the water heater under our sink came by, he just had to climb into the cabinet to see this heater for himself. Looking for clothes in the closet now involves him sniffing at the clothes too.

He also has the craziest antics. He'll fight with my bedroom slippers, and bite holes through boxes so they're easier for him to carry. He'll lie on his back under our bed and scratch the mattress for fun. He has a large pile of string he ties himself up in regularly.

In short, our room has been a garbage dump since he arrived.

Love you, dog.

Reese's still got a lot to teach me about dogs and love in general. And I've still got a lot to learn from him.

Daisy on 9/09/2007 06:21:00 PM

Crunch Time
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School's been interfering with my life.

OK, so that didn't come out right. I think school is supposed to be my life. Not that I really believe that. I think school's pretty important, but not something to base my life on. That's what God is for. :D

Anyway, I have a lot of fun goofing off in school but it's hard to love sleepless nights running around doing schoolwork.

But at least I'm --- how do people say it? --- getting an education.

We presented our paper and nata products yesterday. This involved the sleepless nights mentioned above.

the stuff we made

Joni, my good friend, fixes our lamp.

What can I say? All the hard work paid off.

I especially adored our mango-flavored nata de coco. And not only because it filled my tummy with yumminess.

Looks like macaroni and cheese!

It was just the right translucent color, and slid down my throat in a very satisfying way. The teacher thought it was great, and so did my classmates.

They thought it was so good they almost ate up all our nata.

The nata looks lonely at the bottom of the jar.

All the fooding aside, I have a major exam tomorrow that I'm procrastinating about studying for. I don't normally put things off but memorizing all the dates, chemical equations, and diagrams is really overwhelming.


My brain just curled up into a fetal position and willed itself back to kindergarten.

Wish me all the blessings in the world! It's crunch time!

Daisy on 9/05/2007 07:29:00 PM