This is me.
Together Again

Through all the studying I'm buried in, there's been good news: some cousins from far away are visiting!

They're the ones in red and green.

To celebrate this unusual turn of events, we decided to have dinner together last Monday. Everyone was excited.

Until my grandmother told the two that they had to go to a party with her instead. We all shrugged our shoulders and listened to our elders.

So it was just the Six, after all.

We still had other reasons to celebrate though. Like cousin Ken's extremely surprising perfect grade in his Chemistry finals. Then there was the fact that everyone --- yes, including me, dear Reader --- except Chrissy (another cousin) were leaving on trips this Wednesday.

So we had a farewell party for the one who would be left behind. Chrissy --- being Chrissy --- was still pretty happy.

She spent most of the night laughing with Ken.

While we're at it, I might as well include shots of everyone else.

Jonny, Daphy, and their pretty happy grins

KD & I kidding around

It was a slightly loud gathering where everyone consumed large portions of food with gusto. The food was a lot better than what we had at our last dinner out. As always, the company was pretty great.

It was totally worth the studying I'd been doing for days so I could come along without guilt.

I'm going to miss those kids on my trip tomorrow.

This is a good time to mention that I won't be around until Monday. Just wanted everyone to know so that nobody would keep checking for new posts.

Not that you check for new posts incessantly, dear Reader. I know you have better things to do.

So, bye, everybody! See you next week!

Daisy on 3/19/2008 01:16:00 AM