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A Single's Guide To Enjoying Valentine's Day

Note: This is a tongue-in-cheek bit of fluff my friends and I wrote for Speech class. Some of my friends are recently taken or almost taken, but all of us have been subjected to all manner of stalkers and Very Creepy Guys this past year. We thought making something like this would be fitting for the occasion.

image by Art Brom

It’s time for Valentine’s Day. It’s time for the hearts, the flowers, and the candy. It’s time for couples to suddenly start sprouting as far as the eye can see. Some people think it’s really sweet.

Do you agree? Or do you think it’s all so irritating? Do you feel like killing any lovey-dovey couple that gets too close for comfort? Do you sometimes wonder why you’re so, well, alone? If you exhibit any of these symptoms, you, my dear, are a Single.

Some people find being single uncomfortable on Valentine’s Day. They just feel out of place during the occasion. With all the hype about Valentine’s Day and couples, who can blame them? In the same way, who can blame you?

But you can get rid of the awkwardness. You can keep your peace of mind, and still be happy about yourself without a special someone. It all starts with your mindset.

First, remember that February 14 is just one day. It’s like any other day. You go to class, do homework, and continue on your daily routine. There’s no rule that you have to be part of a couple and exchange sickly sweet sentiments. You don’t even have to celebrate the occasion. For instance, some people don’t celebrate Christmas and that’s a bigger holiday! There’s really nothing to be stressed about.

Second, February 14 is St. Valentine’s Feast. It was created for a saint, and not for every couple in existence. So go to mass, and pray. Read the Bible, and think about God’s love for you. All this would still honor the occasion, and allow you to be more grateful about blessings you’ve received.

Third, if you must show love, do so! Show it to your friends by writing them appreciative notes or giving them little gifts. Show it to your family by going out together. Show it through charity by surprising the needy at an orphanage or some other institution.

Fourth, enjoy being alone. Try something you normally wouldn’t do with others. Take a new sport without worrying how bad you are at it. Eat something completely different. Watch a movie you know no date would have wanted to see anyway.

Fifth, you can also go out with other single people on this momentous occasion. Have dinner together. Watch a movie. Enjoy the videoke experience. Who says only couples have all the fun?

Sixth, treat yourself for not being desperate about getting a date. You chose not to settle for losers; good for you! Buy a small gift. Eat your favorite food. You can even exercise the next day if all that food makes you feel guilty.

Seventh, remember the people you’ve broken up with for good reason. Was someone too possessive? Was another person a liar? Or did the two of you end up being too different? Either way, you must be glad some of those relationships are over. Celebrate the exes who are gone! Thank God you’ve moved on, and that you’re ready for something (or someone) better around the corner.

Eighth, do not hate love. It isn’t love’s fault that you are where you are today. Besides, your story is not over yet; who knows what the ending may be? Love will come for you one day.

Choosing to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single is a brave task. This is especially true if all your friends are in relationships. But it can be done. It all starts with the decision to relax and love yourself. So what if you haven’t found your better half? Big deal! Being single isn’t that bad. It can even be a blessing.

Until then, spend time learning more about you. Nurture relationships with your loved ones and with God. The peace of mind and enjoyment you get from this holiday will be worth the effort.

Daisy on 2/14/2008 05:54:00 PM