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Reflecting on the Holidays

The holidays were magical. Sort-of like the photo of my cousin, my sister, and I up there.

New Year's Eve was spent uproariously with family. We first went to my maternal great-grandmother's for some food and together time with a few relatives we hadn't seen in a while. We then went to my paternal grandparents' house for more of the same from a different branch of the family.

Games were played --- it was fun to see how excited the kids were --- and old albums opened as everyone remembered times gone by. A certain checkered shirt was poked at as we saw it on four of my uncles in their childhood pictures.
"Why are you always wearing that shirt?"

"Because it's the only good shirt I had! I think your grand-aunt made it from some curtains."
My parents used to scrimp and scrounge for everything. Times have really changed; we've been blessed a whole lot.

The fireworks display was amazing. I, as usual, was caught without my camera on this occasion.

We only watched those fireworks for a few minutes though; everyone then went to greet my bedridden grandfather a happy new year.

a cousin and me

(Note: The quality of that last picture was really bad. Yet another reason to bring my good camera around instead of settling for my cellphone.)

and some of the others too

We basically spent the whole holiday season with each other (which is why I haven't been on the computer as often). And now it's time for goodbyes and tears as everyone heads back to work as usual. I'm really going to miss them, but these past few weeks have been great memories.

A belated happy new year to everyone! I hope your season was as enjoyable as mine.

Daisy on 1/04/2008 01:14:00 PM