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Europe: The Amazing Food Fair

It took a long time to get to Europe.

But as my cousin said before I left: "Who cares? It's EUROPE!"

We met my Dad at the airport in Frankfurt (Germany). He'd arrived earlier to work and boy, he was happy to see us.

Smile with him. :D

We then proceeded to Köln for the largest food show I (and a lot of other people) have ever been to. The Anuga.

their mammoth floor plan

It was huge. Every possible food and beverage industry seemed to be in those eleven halls. The companies setting up shop had pulled out all the stops; some even built booths with two floors.

Some booths were colorful and unique.

This particular booth selling Asian wares had a whole line of pots and pans for playing on. Seriously, two Thais dressed as chefs came out at timely intervals to tap out dance-inducing beats on the kitchenware. It was fun!

I'd post a video of it but I don't really know how to do so on my blog.

Other booths were pretty sophisticated.

Samples were freely laid, and the tables taken up by businessmen inquiring and making the deals businessmen generally make.

There was so much to see. So much to eat. And I ate a lot of everything: cold cuts, steaks, Asian rolls with tangy sauces, energy bars made of meat, ice cream, juice, and even a few cocktail drinks.

The booths were all different, ranging from the cozy to the quirky.

Oh look, an outdoorsy cafe.

Quirky is right.

But the products themselves were also cool. Some were positively genius. For instance, anyone heard of the Unistraw?

It's one of the most unusual things I found in the show: a straw packed with little balls that change flavors. I got one, dropped it into a glass of fresh milk, and drank chocolate milk. My Dad got another one, and sipped water-turned-into-orange-juice through it. I heard they sell these things in my country now; I'll probably buy them since I don't like the natural taste of milk.

Not that I'm selling you anything, folks; this is not an ad. It just seemed worth sharing. And the kid in me jumps excitedly and thinks it's magic.

The show eventually closed for the day, and clusters of professionals swarmed out of the building.

I wonder if they noticed how pretty the sun was setting.

We trudged out as well. It was a wonderful beginning to our trip. More on the rest next time!

Daisy on 11/03/2007 02:53:00 PM