This is me.
Improving My Vocabulary

This is one of the words of the week. Rather, it became a word of the week after what happened yesterday.
faux pas
n., pl. a social blunder

"Your exam results will be distributed at 5 pm," our professor comments when he finds us loitering about the hallowed halls of our college department.

But it's 4:00. No one actually says this out loud, of course. Except Arn, one of my extremely good friends.

"You mean we have to wait for you?" Everyone stares at her in horror as she proceeds to mentally kick herself.

Our long-suffering teacher shoots her a glance as he passes by.

"Why not?" And he's out of earshot, leaving a bunch of students going I can't believe you said that!
Live and learn, dear Reader.

Another word of the week is graphics tablet.

or technological thingamajig (photo from here)

A graphics tablet is a device you connect to your computer that gets what you draw by hand onto the computer screen. Immediately. Wikipedia will give you a better idea on its superpowers than I ever could.

I first used this when a friend lent me hers for a time-consuming project. After it cut down on the time I took to draw said project by more than half, I started researching brands, prices, and tons of feedback on the internet. I liked the Wacom model best, and had some money saved up. Suffice to say, I got one.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not someone who buys on impulse. Most of the time, I won't even buy what I wanted in the first place. But when I've thought it through --- Will I actually use this? Why do I want it? Is this the best deal? --- and gotten a positive answer on all counts, I don't mind shelling what I've saved up.

It's going to be really useful with my side jobs and drawing projects for school this week.

Daisy on 10/11/2007 08:34:00 PM