This is me.
Crunch Time

School's been interfering with my life.

OK, so that didn't come out right. I think school is supposed to be my life. Not that I really believe that. I think school's pretty important, but not something to base my life on. That's what God is for. :D

Anyway, I have a lot of fun goofing off in school but it's hard to love sleepless nights running around doing schoolwork.

But at least I'm --- how do people say it? --- getting an education.

We presented our paper and nata products yesterday. This involved the sleepless nights mentioned above.

the stuff we made

Joni, my good friend, fixes our lamp.

What can I say? All the hard work paid off.

I especially adored our mango-flavored nata de coco. And not only because it filled my tummy with yumminess.

Looks like macaroni and cheese!

It was just the right translucent color, and slid down my throat in a very satisfying way. The teacher thought it was great, and so did my classmates.

They thought it was so good they almost ate up all our nata.

The nata looks lonely at the bottom of the jar.

All the fooding aside, I have a major exam tomorrow that I'm procrastinating about studying for. I don't normally put things off but memorizing all the dates, chemical equations, and diagrams is really overwhelming.


My brain just curled up into a fetal position and willed itself back to kindergarten.

Wish me all the blessings in the world! It's crunch time!

Daisy on 9/05/2007 07:29:00 PM