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Happy Birthday, Me (Part 3 of III)

Hi, everyone. If you don't know what the part 3 of III is all about, you might like to read parts 1 & 2.

Then again, you don't really have to. :D

Anyway, for new readers, it's time to introduce Adam. And if you happen to click on that link, no, he doesn't always have all that face paint on him.

Adam is a good friend who I met through my fifth school --- I was about to transfer in while he was about to transfer out --- but was schoolmates with in my sixth school. If you did not get the logic of that last sentence, never mind.

After high school, he went off to become a computer programmer and Macromedia Flash wizard while I got into Chemical Engineering studies. And every time my birthday comes around, he invites me out for lunch.

The other people in that photo are my cousins and my sister, LOL. They happened to tag along and as Adam keeps saying "The more, the manier!"

We had a good Mongolian lunch in the mall, and just hung out for the afternoon. We went around looking for a present for me (courtesy of him, of course), and just caught up on what we'd been doing lately. It was fun.

Tiring too. I guess it was all the walking; I think I really lack exercise.

That was my amazing 20th birthday. I can't believe how it all turned out. I can't believe the friends and family who made all the effort to make things special. I can't believe how some people scrimped money just to give me a present (and no, I don't care how simple it was; I thank them all the same). And I thank God for it all: for bringing me this far, giving me real joy, and showing me glorifying Him is a great reason to live.

Yup, this series is over; I can finally take my shriveled hands off the keyboard.

For whoever read this far, thanks a lot!

Daisy on 8/23/2007 05:14:00 PM