This is me.
The Thingie

This post is subtitled "Or A Short Post To Tide My Blog Over Until My Exams Pass Me By".

Anyway, Oswegan gave me --- drum roll, people --- A Thingie.

Campy X-Files-like music starts to play as I blink at it a few times & wonder what The Thingie is supposed to be.

Is it a button you clickety-click to get to a happy land with kittens & puppies romping over fields of wheat? A giant red splat that will splatter its little red splat babies onto my blog?

Well, no. It's a really cool award for reaching a certain standard in the blogging world. I cannot believe I had to use Google to find out what it was supposed to be. I'm quite behind on the times.

So, thanks, Oswegan!

And thanks to everyone else who reads my blog despite its (occasional?) silliness!

Daisy on 10/08/2007 06:33:00 PM