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Fooding At The Gustavian

On one of my few study breaks, my Mom and sister pulled me from my schoolbooks and projects for some dinner in the real world. I had an enormous headache but went along willingly. This is food we're talking about, after all.

Ooh, look. Monogrammed candles.

We ended up in an interesting bakery that my Mom explained had real food. Not that I'm saying a heap of pastries could not count for dinner; it's just that we were hungrier than that.

I wasn't up to picking anything because of said headache and my propensity for picking things on the menu that are not in stock. (Seriously, I once ordered three meals to be told they didn't have them at the moment. When I asked what else they had, they said everything else but what I ordered. I'm the kind of person who gets the bent fork or goes into an empty bathroom and chooses the one cubicle with a destroyed lock. OK, so back to the topic.) Or maybe I was just lazy. Either way, their set menu looked good to me.

I attempted to order a ginger ale that was not in stock, and ended up with settled rootbeer and free bread. I also got a look around.

The place was lined with bread and wines of different vintages. The decor wasn't bad, sort of garden patio meets art museum.

My Mother, a mirror, & a teetering waiter

Then my leek soup arrived.

I don't think the camera makes it look very good. Actually, I'm not sure it even looked good in real life since my Mom gave it a dirty look. But it tasted great: warm broth that left a little zing in my mouth. Leek is also one of my favorite vegetables while my dirty-look-giving Mother hates it.

My Mom and sister oohed and aahed over their soups so I guess all their soups must have the same quality.

I continued with a salad of lettuce, green beans, red beets, pork, & horseradish dressing. Yes, you've caught me reading off the menu again.

It was interesting. I loved how everything melded well though I think that's the general idea. Maybe they just taste better together because they're all partying in my mouth. Did I just say that?

Pityful description, but I'm not a great fan of salads. I'll eat them, of course, but they're not my favorite food. I like the main course more.

And the main course was wonderful. I dug into the beef tenderloin in red wine. The red cabbage was slightly sour yet sweet, while the cheese --- is this an irreverent observation? --- actually reminded me of Macaroni & Cheese. Again, they all went so well together.

"What's that yellow thing?" my Mom asked.

"Cheese. It's nice." I didn't bother to look up since the only other yellow thing on my plate was butter.

"No, I mean that yellow thing." My Mom pointed at the cheese.

"Cheese. It's nice." There was a pause while my Mother thought about this and I ate a bit more.

"OK," she said.

This was about the time I started to get full. I don't know if anyone else gets this but I've always had a clock of some sort in my stomach. It rings when I'm filled up, rather like the first click when you fill up your car with gas.

Anyway, my stomach rang. I could not accept this. I was only half-way through the main course! There was still dessert! My stomach was betraying me!

The other members of my family were also getting rather lethargic.

Did I mention they ate much less than I did?

I soldiered on manfully (or womanfully if we're getting technical about it). I mean, I don't often eat this much anyway. I usually have a plate with rice and some form of meat/vegetables and a glass of water without ceremony. That's the outline of my five-minute meals.

So, on to dessert!

Cake made more delicious by a lovely camera angle

All I can say is wow. Wow, I like the picture. You can see my Mom and sister sleepily talking in the slightly blurred background.

Oh, and the cake wasn't bad either. It didn't seem as good as the rest of my meal but don't take my word on it. I don't like cakes so it takes a lot for me to give one good marks. The little chocolate shavings were delicious though. The only thing I had against it was the sourness of the yellow plums. Well, they probably weren't fresh anyway.

So with our tummies happily full --- OK, a little too full. I think they were all crying. --- & the bill paid, we went home so that I could continue putting my nose to the grindstone. It was a good meal out; I haven't done anything like that with my family in quite a while. Not to mention studying a lot also means I occasionally forget to eat.

Goodbye then! :D

Daisy on 10/04/2007 05:49:00 AM