This is me.
Because I Love Them

I love my family oodles.

Here we are smiling into cyberspace.

Which is why I am actually attempting the impossible day I'll be having tomorrow.

Tomorrow will begin at almost 4 am when my family and I will catch a plane for Manila, our country's capital. We will then spend hours arranging things for an upcoming trip: papers, schedules, and the like. After this, we will fly home at about 2 pm, and I will run (not literally, of course) to school to take a major exam at 4:30. Then there's studying, reading assignments, and a Bible Study meeting.

I will also be passing some extracurricular requirements at 6 pm, and making a large report for one of my classes before bedtime.

I'm really praying the plane and other appointments don't get delayed. I also hope I'll get some studying done on the plane(s) tomorrow.

At least I got excused from my other classes. :D

Daisy on 9/26/2007 07:40:00 PM