This is me.

I'm on my semestral break: three weeks to recover from all things chemical, and three weeks to do everything else I want to do. Hooray!

Sunny days are here again.

It's just on time. I can't handle any more three-to-three-and-a-half-hour exams with five-minute breaks between them to eat lunch. I'm also tired of hibernating with my schoolbooks.

I think I'm becoming slightly unbalanced because of too little sleep and too much unhealthy food. I mean, I've started to dream about listening to lectures on Thermodynamics & taking my final exams.

But that's over now. On to the fun stuff! What will I do with three weeks?


1) I'll spend more time with God through prayer, reading, & reflection. This is a given. I have all this time. What excuse could I have for not giving some of it back to Him?

2) I'll spend time with my family. We're actually taking a two-week trip tomorrow. I don't think I'm taking my laptop --- We're hopping from one place to another almost every day and a laptop isn't exactly light. --- so my blog will die for two weeks from lack of updates.

I'll make it clearer:

My blog will remain unchanged for the next two weeks. Do not visit looking for something new. Thanks.

I'll resurrect it with photos and stories you don't necessarily want to hear after I get back though, so it's all good.

3) I'll organize all my stuff. That includes clothes in my closet, my study table, and the rest of the furniture in my room that's crying because I piled too many belongings on them. If my stuff were alive, they'd picket me for abuse. I'm also fed up with not being able to find anything. I missed an important class a few days ago because I couldn't find my admission slip!

4) I'll play with my graphics tablet. I'll draw, and draw, and draw, and get better at it. I hope.

5) I'll catch up on my reading. I actually joined a book club before the nightmare that is Finals Week. I'll be speeding through the pages so I can actually join the excerpt discussions again.

6) I'll knit my cousin a little rabbit. It's for her birthday in November.

7) I'll practice my violin. I miss playing it. It's just one of those things I had to put on hold for schoolwork.

Those are the high points. Other things I want to do are mandatory like sleeping eight hours every night & eating regular meals again (No more dinners nuked in the microwave at 11:30 pm!).

I can almost hear some of the feedback on this post. I thought she said this was a break! She's as busy as she ever was. I guess my definition of vacation differs from some people. I've always believed it was a little gift from God so I could do what I couldn't do otherwise. All that time is precious; the last thing I'd do is waste it.

Not that kicking back is a waste of time; it's good in small doses. Either way, I'll be having a lot of fun. See you all in two weeks!

Daisy on 10/14/2007 05:10:00 PM