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I'll Keep It Simple

I was looking through last year's posts and drowning myself in happy memories just now. And I have something to say.

2007 was AMAZING.

I became a lot closer with my family and friends. I traveled the world. I got over some fears and got rid of a few bad habits. I did some things on my "10 Things To Do Before I Die" list.

And I became a better person. Thank God for that!

The past year was just one beautiful bit of life to keep in my memory bank.

the good times

But there were some things that weren't so great either. Like how busy I was. Last year's planner was a testament to the hurried running I was always doing. I put a lot of the important --- talking with family, and nurturing my time with God --- in the back burner last year because I was overwhelmed by how many urgent things there were to do.

And most of the stuff I was in a huff over wasn't even worth the effort anyway.

So this year, I'm trying something different. I'm going to make my life simpler.

I'll sleep earlier and wake up earlier. I'll take time for prayer and actually savor the meaning of the words in my Bible instead of scanning quickly and running to do the next thing.

I'll clean my room so that looking for things I need won't be such a stressful job. (The mess is so bad that I lost some Christmas presents I'd been saving. I actually had to run to the mall at the last minute and shell out more money to buy presents for people I already had presents for!)

I'll cut out what doesn't really matter. I'll stop reading magazines I don't really care about. I'll turn off the TV, and delete most of the sites I've bookmarked more than a year ago that I'll never get around to reading anyway.

I'll stop creating things to do so that I'll have time to do things that really need to be done.

Not that I think everything will be a breeze now. I know I'll get myself into a busy rush now and then. I'll probably catch myself stressing over something useless a few hundred times this year.

But with God's help, I'll focus on the things I always say I've no time for. I'll focus on them now since it's the only time I'll ever have. I don't want to look back when I'm older and regret wasting what I've got.

Life is too short to be stupid. Instead, I'll make the time to enjoy life, nurture my God-given dreams, and connect with the people around me. And I won't forget to praise the God who made me just the way I am and gave me everything worth living for.

Daisy on 1/09/2008 11:42:00 AM