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Seen Iron Man Yet?

This just popped into my head after seeing the movie.

Not that this superhero ever seemed to do chores in the movie. He was as rich as Croesus; his assistant did all the dry cleaning.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading Marvel comics as a kid. I didn't get to read a lot of issues --- a consequence of not living in America, I suppose --- but the ones I got to read fascinated me. I guess it's the whole superhero idea; it used to make my mind go on overdrive as a kid.

This led to me watching all the superhero movies that have come out in the past ten years or so. It also led to a bit of skepticism. I mean, how many of these movies can people come up with that are actually good?

Well, Iron Man was really good. The gadgets and effects were eye-popping (as they're supposed to be). It's just so cool watching the guy fly around, and his computer system was beyond my imagination.

Underneath is a pretty good story too. Some parts were a bit predictable, but the way the characters grew in the film was great. The acting was mostly top-notch --- Robert Downey, Jr. made Tony Stark a more likeable and real character --- and the storytelling was amazing. Nothing was boring, and there were subtle layers to a lot of the characters. There was also a lot of humor (and chemistry!) balancing darker parts of the film.

All I could say after watching that movie was WOW. It was an enjoyable ride. I occasionally forgot I was watching a movie; that's how cool it was. I recommend it for anyone who wants to see something fun.

Daisy on 5/08/2008 06:22:00 PM