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Summer's Last Stand a.k.a. CREPES!

Angel, a friend I've had since my kindergarten days, got through a particularly trying year of her Nursing college course. After the special ceremony commemorating said milestone passed by, she decided to celebrate.

By treating a few relatives and close friends to delicious crepes.

some of the people we were with

Jill (a cousin), Angel, and Daphy (my sister)

They were seriously tasty; I got on a high from all the cream I lapped up.

my blueberry, mango, and Nutella crepe

I couldn't decided exactly which crepe I wanted so I made the shop put together all my favorites. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying their dishes as well.

Daphy and her Rocky Road crepe

KD and his unknown crepe

By the time I got to KD for a picture, he'd eaten most of the toppings. I don't recall what he was eating.

Ken and his crepe

It was cool to go out together after not seeing Angel for quite a while. School had taken its toll apparently, but she's happy as can be. So were we; this is free food, after all. *wink wink*

That short friendly foodie adventure was just the thing to end of summer. We laughed, talked, and commiserated over how quick the summer had gone by.

School may be starting again --- it has started, in fact --- but I've got wonderful memories to go over as I go back to studying all over again.

Daisy on 6/11/2008 04:58:00 PM