This is me.
Climb Every Mountain

"We're headed to a park in the mountains this Sunday," Ghe (or Abigail to you, dear Reader) said. "You want to come?"

Of course!

This led to another summer escapade with a bunch of friends from church. Specifically, it was Glynnis, Judy, Ghe, Miong (or Michael, depending), Patrick, Marlon, Ryan, and me.

Judy and me

Judy likes to think I'm her older sister --- which I'm not because I'm younger than her --- since I'm supposedly more mature than her. We get some laughs out of that.

Well, the weather was cool, the skies were wonderfully rain-free, and the view was awesome.

the city from where we were

The gadgets Ryan brought created a whole other dimension to the outing. I mean, just check out the light we used to cook dinner!

We all agreed that Miong resembled a surgeon with that thing on his head.

He also brought an unusual lamp, canned gas to light the grill, and some compact utensils. And let's not forget the little PSPs most of the group (read: the guys and Glynnis) whipped out.

"It figures. Even here, they just have to play video games!" Ghe grumbled good-naturedly.

They eventually kept their toys as we all helped grill the meat and various seafood.

Ghe cooks.

The food was delicious; everyone got pretty stuffed.

And the part I'll always remember? Us talking and laughing the rest of the night while hotdogs and marshmallows sizzled in the darkness.

It was cool.

Daisy on 5/21/2008 11:23:00 AM