This is me.
A Break From Schoolwork

I'm busy busy busy, but it's a happy kind of busy. I was getting a bit worried about what to post about since I didn't think anyone wanted to hear about my schoolwork all the time.

I mean, I read large textbooks, take notes, listen in class, and go through problem sets featuring flow with negligible energy dissipation and regular solution theory. If I write about that extensively, I think all you not-so-chemically-inclined readers will pass out.

Or lob rotten vegetables at me through the internet.

Anyway, I had a great break last Monday from all those happy but brain-frying activities. My family went to watch Mamma Mia! together. Aside from the fact that we haven't gone out with the family in a long time, we were also looking forward to it since we'd enjoyed the original play so much a few years back. I think my Mom even saw the play twice.

Here's the movie trailer.

It was fun. I'm not going to make a critique on its qualities (there are dozens of reviews ranging from the great to the terrible), but it just made me laugh so much.

The singing was also very enjoyable as a whole.

Not to mention Colin Firth is one of the actors whose movies I usually like.

And now it's back to schoolwork again! I'm really thankful that God gave me some time I could spend with my family.

Daisy on 7/23/2008 07:11:00 PM