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A Minor Prison Break

Note: A short apology for the photo quality, dear Reader. Taking good photos wasn't the objective at that time.

You know those hidden object games where you look for things to get the plot going? The ones where you're shown a large pile of junk varied stuff worthy of any hoarder's stash, and expected to pick through the pieces.

Sort-of like I Spy or The Secret of Margrave Manor.

Well, have I got a hidden object game for you!

So what's wrong with this picture, hm?

It's actually pretty easy. Saw it, yet?

(Do not scroll down if you don't want to find out the answer.)

Hello, reptile.

This was the sight that greeted my sister and me as we headed out of the house last Saturday. Our house may be a veritable zoo, but like a zoo, most of the animals are in cages.

So how'd we react?

"Oh my gosh, isn't that a monitor lizard?"

"It is! What's it doing there?"

"Oh, if it falls, it'll scratch Mom's car!"

"What are we going to do? No one else is home!"

We then realized it was my Dad's lizard. It had been in pursuit of liberty before my sister caught it er, red-handed.

This made it even worse. We couldn't just leave and let said lizard go free like any other animal. It was a pet.

The household help couldn't do much since we didn't have any ladders high enough to reach it. Not to mention that no one wanted to touch its slippery body and menacing claws.

So we called in the reinforcements. In other words, my uncle (who lived nearby) and some of his employees.

The ladder is still too short.

With a few nets and longer ladders, the lizard did get down. Only to proceed on a high-speed chase.

I sadly cannot offer pictures of said chase since I was also on the run.

It then jumped into the closest fishpond --- I did tell you we had a zoo, dear Reader --- and squeezed into a hole in the artificial waterfalls.

Here Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy...

After a prodigious amount of poking, the lizard did get caught. We were all understandably relieved.

One of our maids mentioned how this was worse than finding my sister's python in a drawer a few years back (yet another story, dear Reader).

The whole debacle was a bit tiring --- we missed the appointment we were heading to --- but looking back, it was also kind-of funny.

Stuff happens, and when you live with extreme animal-lovers (like my Dad and my sister), animal antics become quite normal.

Daisy on 7/13/2008 03:43:00 PM