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New Developments

Last night, I was driving home with my sister when we got to a really busy intersection. And when I say busy, I mean busy. Cars were less than a foot away from each other with real bumper-to-bumper traffic. I was trying to turn left but ended up sort-of zigzagging my way to avoid cars that just wouldn't wait.

Anyway, I stepped on the gas.

"STOP!" My sister scares me enough to abruptly brake while she makes offended noises against the automobile in front of me. Apparently, a taxi decided he couldn't wait for me to get by and almost hits me in the middle of the intersection. Daphne mutters a few choice words while I follow a jeep making a U-turn and get out of his way. With my bumper intact, no less.

Wow. I mean, I've been in a lot of accidents but that was a close call. If Daphne hadn't been there... Just wow. Thank God.

Lots of people are afraid to drive in the Philippines. I can see why.

On other breaking news, if you have two eyes and have visited this blog before, you will notice that my blog design has changed.

I'm finally designing blogs again. Yay!

I put my last skin up in Blogskins for other hapless bloggers like me to use.

Get it from here.

**EDIT: The skin got Skin of the Day on Blogskins! Whoopee! :D

I've also been trying to get back into my knitting. It's been slowgoing though; I still need to review on all the kinds of stitches I've forgotten.

one of my new knitting books

The lovely photos in the book above are tempting me to pick up my needles again. I'm also planning to knit a rabbit for my cousin. I'll just post if anything comes out of my yearning to be creative.

Hm... on another note, our dog, Reese, (see extremely cute photo of dog two posts or so down) has just been back from the vet. He's been really tired lately and now we know why: ear infections. Boo. Oh well, just poured medicine down his throat a few minutes ago. I hope he'll feel better soon.

I guess that's it. I'll be back to work on errands for my Mom now. Bye, everyone!

Daisy on 6/08/2007 01:48:00 PM