This is me.
Eating, As Usual

Yes, I'm alive. It just so happens that my life outside the internet is getting really busy, and I can't keep up.

Seriously, there are lots of tests coming this week that I have not studied for. There are also some other commitments like work, friends, church, family... In short, I'm busy.

Anyway, I didn't want my blog to die so here I am. Not to mention I ate a lot of food last Saturday that I thought was worth mentioning. :D

First, my Mom and I went to a food show. She wanted me to go to learn things. I just wanted to taste the food.

The food show featured some food brands and machines used in food manufacturing. It was jampacked with people trying out the free food. :D

raw meat

coffee and bread in a cute cart

cheap and flavorful bread from a bakery association

All in all, the show wasn't bad. They offered some pretty cool seminars on making packaging (I wanted to attend that. :D), food businesses, and whatnot. But it was just. Really. Small.

But I guess it was a local thing. I hear food shows are extremely large and jawdropping in other countries. :)

Moving on quickly because I have only ten minutes to finish this before I get on with my homework / church / life...

That was a nonsensical sentence back there.

Anyway, after the food show, my Mom and I weren't satisfied by the ice cream, cakes, bread, coffee, and other stuff we'd eaten. No, we had to stop by a cool bakery first.

click to make the cake details bigger

We blame the impulse on all the pretty cakes. They were real works of art. We just had to order one (settled on a Mango Float Cheesecake on the lower row of the display), and then I saw...

MACARONS IN DIFFERENT COLORS! Or flavors, whichever way you look at them. There were mango, ube, strawberry, and pistachio. I got one of everything except the ube since it seemed a little much to eat four different macarons. Who am I kidding, eating three kinds is already too much!

Anyway, it's kind-of funny. I'd heard about macarons and their sweet goodness, and even made a blog design of it once. I'd never tasted it before though. My aunt wasn't really familiar with any good places with macarons in New York (though I know there must be oodles of them), so I came back with not even a taste.

And here they are in my hometown! Funny, yes? :D

Well, what can I say about them... They were good in a strange way. I say strange because I haven't got much of a sweet tooth. I appreciated the texture (crunchy on the outside with filling on the inside), but I don't know if it will ever be my favorite food. I liked the strawberry one best.

Either way, it was great washing them down with steaming mugs of chocolate-flavored coffee. My Mom and I didn't feel that great after the meal though. Too much of everything, maybe? Not to mention my dislike for coffee. I only got a cup that time because I wanted to see what my Mom liked so much about it.

All I can say is I'm sticking to tea next time.

Well, that's not the end of it, folks. Later (about four or five hours with some snacks in between that I don't need to mention), Allison, Daphy, Mom, and I headed for a late Japanese dinner.

We'd been meaning to head out for some Japanese food with Allie for some time. I was already pretty full though --- with everything else mentioned above --- so I didn't order as large a size as I normally would.

my order

I settled for a box of my favorites: some rolls, tempura (or fried shrimp in flour to the rest of us), and Japanese rice. I think there were other extras but this is what I was going for. I was too full to have my favorite raw fish dishes though. Sad, really.

But everything was good. Not extremely good, but just good if you get my meaning. I'm starting to think food only seems to taste great to me when I'm hungry.

Look what Allie got.

It was some pork and rice combination platter that I wouldn't have thought of getting. Not that it was bad --- in fact, I understand it was quite good --- but I always seem to be craving raw fish and seaweed rolls when I'm eating Japanese. But that's just me.

I think this is a pretty long post. Maybe the length will make up for my long absence? I hope I can post more regularly even with school making me run around like an Energizer Bunny. Anyway, I have to go. Bye!

Daisy on 7/03/2007 12:54:00 PM