This is me.
Save the radio!

So I go down the hill from PE class today, toting a heavy radio. As I near the road, a stone turns under my right foot. Understandably, I fall. My thoughts (not my life as some people say happens at times like this) flash before me:

"This radio is heavy; I'm almost at the road and --- AHHH! I'M FALLING! I'M FALLING! AHHH! THE RADIO! THE RADIO!"

Thus is materialism displayed; I saved the radio by depositing it gently on the road in front of me while I landed on a knee and wounded it. I roll my pants up to survey the damage. Gore, blood, and a growing lump greet me. This is why my foot is now resting on a separate chair while I type out the story for today.

Ah well... the radio is saved!

Daisy on 3/09/2006 06:23:00 PM