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Teeth talk and old entries

With Mae playing on my headphones (their album "The Everglow" is really great), I settle to write another post. Haha, the only reason I can think of to be writing so many posts lately is that there's no school. I may also just have a lot of stress built up, and they're all coming out in words...

I just had to mention the dentist appointment yesterday. Nothing untoward, really (read: no cavities) but my sister had problems of her own (read: six cavities). Anyway, that's not the point. I only see the dentist maybe once a year so we have the usual chitchat.

Dentist: So you're in college now, aren't you?
Me: Yes, I am.
Dentist: What did you take?
Me: Chemical engineering.

Her voice rose in volume, seriously. She proceeded to say how hard that course was. Haha, reactions like those really amuse me. Not that I'm making fun of the dentist or anything, you understand... I like our dentist. :D

But yeah, I guess my course is difficult. God's really helping out though; it's comforting to know.

Christmas is coming quick, by the way, like a ticking time bomb. The only places I feel the Christmas magic these days are in church (it's Jesus' birthday, enough said) and with family. Look down the streets, and not even a parole blinks back. Maybe a lonely string of Christmas lights, but that's it. Sigh... Guess no one can afford to splurge on decor anymore.

The procession of parties coming my way will probably keep me from the computer for a change. :)

** I was just going through my old blog and the college angst in it... The memories...

Daisy on 12/23/2005 02:39:00 PM